11.4 Acceptance Criteria for the Meta Game

We know that the Old Game is broken.

We know that we need to learn how to play a New Game together as a human species.

And we know that if we want to accomplish the Meta Goal, the New Game needs to be the Meta Game.

Let us discern together what the rules of such a Meta Game / Meta Project / Meta Quest might be.

I say discern together, because they are objective. They are universal. They cannot be made up by a person. They must be discerned. Together. In Community.

Some starting articulations might be (something like):

1.    It must respect the sacredness and sovereignty of all individual players.

2.    It must be truthful.

3.    It must be loving.

4.    It must be just.

5.    It must be wise.

6.    It must be good.

7.    It must be big enough that all people without exception can play.

8.    It must be big enough that all people without exception can win.

9.    Individual and local progress in the game must help, and not harm, all other individuals and localities who are progressing.

  1. It has to be big enough that the more people play, the more everyone wins. It has to create progressively increasing abundance for All.

  2. It has to be powerful enough that it elevates and transforms you.

  3. It has to be powerful enough that it also elevates and transforms your family.

  4. It has to be powerful enough that it also elevates your community.

  5. It has to be powerful enough that it also elevates and transforms your society.

  6. It has to be powerful enough that is also elevates and transform the Living System / environment you are a part of, and which is a part of you.

  7. It has to be powerful enough that is elevates and transforms you, your family, your community, your society, and the Living System across all time in all places.

  8. It must have a logic, which if extrapolated out to encompass the entire world, causes All life to develop towards the fullness of its Potential and flourish in harmony.

  9. It must have a logic, which if limited to only a single player, causes that one player to flourish.

  10. It must have a logic, which if played by a small sovereign group, causes that sovereign group to flourish.

  11. The design of the game must be perfectly consistent, coherent, and integral, from highest level concept to lowest level detail.

  12. It must pragmatically work at every fractal individual, local, and global level, simultaneously, for the Good of All.

  13. It must be powerful enough that no force of authority, military, or evil could ever attack, overcome, or thwart it.

  14. It must be powerful yet flexible enough that it is strengthened, rather than weakened, by volatility and stress.

  15. It must be wise enough to learn and get a little better every day, forever.

  16. It must be persistent enough to last the entire millennium and beyond.

  17. It must be superior in every way to the Old ways we are moving beyond.

  18. It must work. It has to pragmatically and measurably bring the Meta Intention of the Game / Project into measurable and observable Reality as we play it.

  19. It must employ Means that are perfectly consistent with the Ends it is trying to bring about, which is the Meta Goal.

  20. It cannot be institutionalized or contained, and it must persist and be supported and enabled in all times and places.

  21. It must protect the sovereignty of the individual from the power inherent in unity.

  22. It must elevate, encompass, and fundamentally transform our Way of being as a species on planet earth within a single generation.

  23. It must help all life flourish.

  24. It must not harm.

  25. It must be true.

  26. It must be love.

  27. It must dwell in the far deeper knowing that transcends propositional knowing.

  28. It’s logical end must result in the total integrated spiritual, intellectual, and physical wellbeing, development, and right relationship of All generations of Life and Consciousness in All times and places.

Less philosophically and more practically, here is another list: 6.5 Acceptance criteria for the New System and Approach.

It is something like that. There are hundreds of criteria that could be articulated, but the bottom line is this:

It must pragmatically work to bring the Meta Intention into reality for the Good of All.

It must help All things progress towards The Goal through Love.

And it must accomplish the fundamental transformation within a single generation, in a Way that works for all previous and future generations of life in all times and all places.

There is only One Spirit that satisfies the Conditions of Acceptance, and we all know that it is deeper than words.

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