11.5 Analyzing the Existing Options For Fit Against the Acceptance Criteria

Having arrived at an approximate articulation of acceptance criteria for the Meta Game, we can begin comparing the existing options for “games” we could All consider joining.

Let us drop our prejudices and consider all options: every religion, every construct, every organization, every movement, every political party, every institution, every nation-state and empire, every ideology.

It is 2022. If we all converted to (fill in the blank) by 2030….

… would the New World emerge and become our Reality by 2050?

What becomes immediately apparent is that no existing human construct or category can get us there.

And yet the correct seeds of Wisdom, Truth, and Love are present everywhere.

What does it really mean to be a Muslim, or a Christian, or a Republican, or an American, or a Russian, or an Ecuadorian, or an Episcopalian, or a scientist, or a technologist, or a free mason, or a member of the United Nations, or a card-carrying member of any one of the millions of things you can be a card-carrying member of?

So many of these words have lost their meaning. They are giant categories encompassing a variety of individuals, divisions, and denominations, who each have their own beliefs, their own factions,  their own ways of being, within a broad category that we can all clearly see is failing as the unifying identity it was perhaps once intended to be.

Those constructs, words, and categories have largely ceased to be actual things. They are just words that used to mean something. The words, like the institutions that claim to represent them, have become so corrupted that both the words and the institutions are virtually meaningless.

There is something inherently Real and incorruptible that lies beyond the words, written on our hearts, that we can know in the deepest Way of knowing. It is that highest and deepest Thing we must rediscover.

It is the Spirit, beyond words, that is the only thing that satisfies the Acceptance Criteria.

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