11.6 The Old, the New, and the Feminine

The existing institutions and ideologies have grown so Old, blind, corrupt and weak that we could attack and kill them in an instant.

Yet they are also the structural fabric that brought us to Where We Are, with the opportunities we have. They are the protective force that separates from being naked, unsheltered, and alone, face to face with Nature.

They are like the spirit of the father that structures and protects our existence. Yet if the masculine loses its Way it can become corrupt, arbitrary, totalitarian, and impotent.

When this happens, the spirit of the Feminine arises to rip the chains from the wall, liberate her children, and vanquish the oppressive tyranny.

There is no way that the Old, taken to its logical end, can confront and overcome the Meta Crisis.

There is no way that the Old, taken to its logical conclusion, brings forth the New.

It is flawed logic. The Means are antithetical to the Ends. The fruit of the New could never manifest from the roots of the Old.

And there is a very simple reason why.

Any system is doomed to failure when a sub-system optimizes for itself at the expense of the whole. This is basic logic of cancer. This is the basic logic of the parasite. This is the basic logic that is causing the Old World to pass away.

Every major religion, every major nation, every major political party, every major movement appears to be self-optimizing at the expense of the Whole.

That is the fundamental Pattern of Death. That is the fundamental Pattern of Darkness.

When the New Life is trying to emerge, the last thing we want to do is to be adding energy to the Old Patterns of Death.

It is time for the Divine Feminine to emerge and roar, and Consciously Decide the Future of humanity.

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