11.3 The Meta Quest. The Meta Game. The Meta Project. The Meta Goal.

If our enemy ceases to be arbitrary groups of other human beings, what becomes the New enemy?

If our mission ceases to be victory over others, what becomes the New mission?

If our Goal ceases to be success for self, what becomes the New Goal?

If we are going to do something together, what is big enough to unite us All?

If we are going to play instead of war, what is the New game?

What is the New story and consciousness that transcends and unites us All?

What is the Meta Quest?

What is the Meta Game?

What is the Meta Project?

What is the Meta Goal?

It has been said a thousand times. It can only be One.

The Meta Quest, the Meta Game, and the Meta Project all share in common the one Meta Goal, which is for all generations of life to develop into the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony with One Another and their Source.

It is the functional unity and eternal transformation towards Wholeness, Unity, and Perfection that is the logical end of Love.

It is the universal movement towards the Ideal that grows ever more perfect the closer we get to it.

How do we reach that perfect Divine City that fully enlightened consciousness co-creates and indwells?

We navigate through the great adventure of life. That is the Meta Quest.

How do we reach that Divine City?

We co-create it. That is the Meta Project.

How do we reach that Divine City?

We play the game of Life in such a Way that we All win. That is the Meta Game.

How do we reach that Divine City?

We confront and overcome the Meta Crisis that is stalking society, and we forge the New out of its ashes.

It is All One.

This is the Meta Quest that heroes around the world are being called to rise up into.

To awaken, arise, and unite to transform our lives and our world.

FROM: The Old

TO: The infinitely better and higher New

This best and highest future is not only possible, but is indeed both intended and destined to inbreak and become our present reality.

We need only to Consciously Decide to Enact and Embody it.

Yet none of us can reach the Divine City alone. In fact none of us can reach the Divine City until All of us reach the Divine City.

The only Way is to get billions of people playing and helping One Another succeed in the the Meta Game.

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