Concretize The Absolute

See also Idolatry.

Concretizing The Absolute is a core Pattern of Failure.

In religious terms, it is akin to the sin of Idolatry, in which one sets up an image and worships it as if it were One.

In the Lionsberg System, the Meta level of conceptual abstraction must always remain Universal and Eternal, and not reduced to any one thing in any place or time.

We can participate in, relate to, and experience the Meta level, however the moment we attempt to contain it, box it in, or define it too narrowly it ceases to be the Absolute that we are trying to rightly relate to.

Knowledge in the Lionsberg System System is organized through the lens of a Meta Science that reflects our Current Best Understanding, with the humble acknowledgement that it is partial and incomplete at best.

Grappling with the Absolute as an eternal and ineffable mystery, while still aiming at it and trying to Become A Little Better Every Day as we progress towards It, is the antidote to this Pattern of Failure.