1.6 The Lionsberg System

The Lionsberg System should be co-created and continuously improved according to our Current Best Understanding of the Meta System.

In other words, it is intended to be an Incarnation or living Embodiment of the abstract / conceptual Meta System.

It should harmonize the total Human System with the total Living System and its Source.

The sole purpose of the System is to measurably produce Throughput of the Meta Goal.

As with all elements of Lionsberg and the Meta Project, humanity should be careful to co-create it without destroying themselves by Concretizing The Absolute.

This can be done by acting within the system "as if" it were the Meta System, and trying to conform it to the conceptual / Absolute Ideal, while recognizing that the Absolute will eternally remain "out there" in the realm of the One, as something we are striving towards.