Idolatry refers to the Sin / Pattern of Failure of Concretizing The Absolute.

In other words, creating something (a form, an image, a set of propositions), and setting those up in place of the One.

This is very common in systems of religion in the Old World, in which Authorities establish sets of written propositions or beliefs, and demand that individuals "bow down" or subordinate their spiritual and intellectual will to the Authorities and their Propositions.

In the Lionsberg System, the One Ultimate Reality That Creates and Sustains All Life and Consciousness is related to as the fundamental mystery, that can and must be rightly related to with humility, but never be fully comprehended.

Knowledge in the System is organized through the lens of a Meta Science that reflects our Current Best Understanding, with the humble acknowledgement that it is partial and incomplete at best.

Grappling with the Absolute as an eternal and ineffable Mystery, while still aiming at it and trying to Become A Little Better Every Day as we progress towards It, is the antidote to the Pattern of Failure of Idolatry.