13.25 Rediscovering the Transcendent and Non-Propositional Ultimate Reality

While the road to laying down our propositions and forms in order to follow the Golden Thread towards Truth, no matter where it leads, can sometimes feel like Death, in reality it is the narrow door towards life.

Quite pragmatically, it is the only logical and spiritual Way that the New World can manifest to us.

While some members of various religious denominations believe that the World To Come results from converting and subordinating the world to their dogmatic set of propositions and forms, this is actually incompatible with the underlying principles and prophesies.

It is a terribly grave error.

Many of the dogmatic questions asked by religious fundamentalists are so gravely and arrogantly misframed, that they cannot be answered by a True seeker of the Way.

Throughout the life of Jesus, for example, we constantly see the corrupt religious leaders trying to trap them with their religious questions.

These questions are not able to be answered by one who is unwilling to abdicate their Sovereignty and divide themselves from the non-propositional reality of Truth and direct Right Relationship with God by subordinating their Selves to one set of irreconcilable propositions over another.

While it is tempting to cave to the religious fundamentalists, it is a betrayal of Truth to concede to their narrow dogmatic demands. Every concession strengthens their tyrannical reign.

The questions cannot be answered, because they are fundamentally mis-framed, and therefore unanswerable at best, and deceitful and manipulative at worst.

The idea that any institution or oligarchy has the Divine authority or “magisterium” to decide for all other Sovereign individuals the dogmatic set of propositions they must subordinate themselves to in order to be friends, rather are than enemies, of God is absolutely wrong, absurd, and a completely illegitimate subversion of the proper flow of Sovereignty and Authority.

All such “orthdoxy”, that deems a lack of submission to the propositions “heresy” punishable by banishment in the temporal, and hell in the eternal, is the absolute antithesis of the core messages that illegitimate authorities have co-opted and exploited to further their games of empire and oligarchy.

This is not the Way, nor the Truth spoken by the messengers of the Way.

The reduction of the eternal, ineffable, nameless, living God to a set of inscriptions in the stone of dogma and proposition is the very act of Idolatry that these institutions claims as the biggest “sin”.

They or their ancestors craft the dogmatic words, and then demand that Citizens subordinate their spiritual and intellectual will to the dogma on pain of hell. This is the essence of Idolatry. The worship of propositions or forms made by human hands, rather than the worship of the Creator in Spirit and Truth.

We hereby reject the illegitimate authority of all institutions and religious leaders who attempt to convert and submit human beings who are intended, and indeed destined, to be free, sovereign, and rightly related to the One from whom being flows, as One Family of God.

Your illegitimate dogmatic propositions are the very idols made of human hands that the prophets warned about.

The Universal, Eternal, and Ineffable Spirit of God looks down and laughs.

One cannot reduce the eternally regenerative Source and Sustainer of life to a statue, an institution, or a set of propositions without partaking of the basic Pattern of Death. God is Spirit, and must be worship in Spirit and Truth, not in form.

These vile, overt, and openly stated demand for religious and intellectual submission to what some robe-wearing-institutional representative claims is the inviolable Word of God is one of the most disgusting and odious vestiges of the tragic age of empire and illegitimate authority that nearly destroyed the world, and yet might if we do not awaken, arise, and liberate One Another from their insidious intellectual and spiritual prisons.

The reason you feel such conflict and discomfort in your Spirit about some of the teachings of your institutions is that they are wrong.

Rip your chains from the wall and set your feet on the path towards Freedom and Truth!

This is the Way, walk in it. Out Beyond the Boundary of the Known, to rediscover the the transcendent and non-propositional Ultimate Reality that creates and sustains the universe and all it contains.

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