13.26 Re-Anchoring Identity, Knowledge, Loyalty, and Faith in God

Once we liberate ourselves the propositions and forms of The Caves we were raised in, it is crucial that we do not become unmoored.

The crucial aspect of the Truth that sets us free is that it simultaneously re-anchors us to Source of Truth. In cutting our anchors loose from the narrow religious, political, or ideological denominations we were raised in, we simultaneously must reattach them to the Deepest Supreme Foundation, the Unshakeable and Unchanging Rock of God, the non-propositional Ultimate Reality from which articulated Reality flows.

The New Era is ushered in as a result of Knowledge of God that Covers The Earth Like Floodwaters. Direct, personal, non-propositional Knowledge.

This Spirit and Knowledge is what impels us to beat our swords into ploughshares, and our weapons into tools of life. It is what impels the lion to lie down with the lamb.

Many messengers and prophets have spoken to this destined outcome, and when they spoke they were speaking of and pointing to One, the uncaused cause of All, which cannot be reduced to a statue, building, or set of religious propositions.

The moment you attempt to bottle up the Spirit of God for your own purposes, it annihilates you. It will not be contained. It permeates you, it sustains you, it lovingly and graciously  makes possible your every heartbeat and breathe…

…but woe to the false teachers who build empires and oligarchies in It’s Name. Their downfall is at hand!

Our True Identity lies not in religion, denomination, tribe, nation, practice, or form, but in the One guiding the subsequent transformations of all forms, propositions, life, consciousness, and practices across Time and Space.

Our true Knowledge lies not in articulated institutional propositions, but in the eternally deeper Non-Propositional Way of Knowing, being, and experiencing the Ultimate Reality and Ground of Being.

Our true Loyalty lies not to some dogmatic form created into the past, or to institutions and leaders, but to the eternally regenerative Spirit that creates, sustains, and guides the creation and transformation of the Universe.

Our true Faith lies not in blind submission to unprovable propositions decreed by empires and oligarchies as Orthodox, but in binding ourselves faithfully to the One from Whom our conscious ability to articulate a proposition flows.

The Spirit of God lays the eternally Wise, Right, True, Beautiful, and Good Golden Thread that gleams through the entropy and decay that is inherent to all forms.

We can look on the decay and distortions of our institutions with the same odd mix of disgust and compassion that accompanies that which is dying and passing away.

We can graciously hospice the carefully articulated propositions that arose, lived, served their purpose for a while, and now are manifesting themselves like dinosaurs that are incompatible with the New Era that is Emerging.

When you have become a seventh degree black belt in a form and promised to teach it faithfully until you die, it can feel like death and betrayal to break your promise of Loyalty in order to do what is right and bring forth the New that is longing to express itself through you.

And yet if you do not… if you cling to the Old forms that you see have become corrupted, inadequate, and have departed from the Way

…you betray your own consciousness, soul, and the Source from which it flows.

Once you understand the New yet eternal Way of growing, learning, discovering, knowing, and rightly relating to the One, to One Another, and to All Creation by the Spirit of God, from a depth and Way of Being, Knowing, and Doing that is so much deeper than words…

…you cannot turn back without betraying your Spirit and soul.

The only Firm Foundation to which we anchor our Highest Identity, Knowledge, Loyalty, and Faith is directly to God, without intermediation by any human conception or form.

When All things directly and rightly relate and conform their Selves to God...

... the New World is at hand.

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