13.27 Loving Right Relationship

It bears endless repeating. You are loved. You are worthy. You are qualified. You are forgiven.

God loves you. We love you.

We see your inner struggles. We feel your traumas and wounds. We sense your frailties and fears. We also know the unique and special person you were created to be, and the unique and special purpose and plan for your life that can yet be realized as we return and bind our Selves to the One.

We forgive you. We love you. God forgives you. God loves you.

Right now. Right where you are. Wherever you are reading or hearing this, you are loved. You are forgiven. You are embraced and welcomed back into light and fellowship. Only turn from the Patterns of Death, and choose the Patterns of Life.

The person they are going to attack and slander when we stand up and Speak was the last manifestation of us. That was several transformations ago. That was back when we were young, stupid, naïve, misguided, lied to, deceived, and just learning how to channel the fullness of our beings and spirit through the body and emotions and avatar and reality we suddenly found ourselves inhabiting.

We are now a New Creation. Manifesting a New Way of being.

We will fall on our face. We will get muddied and bloodied. We may even get so beat up and fail so spectacularly that we have to take a season of rest and recovery… or get placed in time out in a penalty box when we get too excited and get in a fight or break the rules.

That is part of the game. That is part of daring greatly. That is part of life in the arena.

If it was easy to be a hero everyone would do it. So we have to learn how to do it. And how to help all others do the same.

No matter what you have done in the past, you are not disqualified. You are sacred. You can be good. Only God knows what someone else would have done if they were in your shoes.

Don’t wait to become “Good” to start your transformational journey towards your Destiny.

Today is the day. If you are the vilest rapist-murderer in the most God-forsaken solitary prison cell on earth, and you read these words and lift your eyes up and fall on your face in tears and decide you can take take one tiny step towards the Light despite the absolute chaos and destruction of that your being has become…

…the forces of heaven rejoice in Love over you.

The consequences may remain, but you are Loved.

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