13.28 Cleaning Up the Messes We Have Made

What a catastrophe our collective lives have been. Absolute madness, in an absolutely corrupt and broken system. It is a miracle that it is not worse than it is.

So recognizing that we have all made messes of our lives and our world, let’s set to work together and help one another start cleaning up.

Let’s do our best to be faithful to address all the liabilities that have occurred, all the harm we have caused, to seek forgiveness, and to set things as right as we possibly can.

And let’s get to work on the designing and building a future that will be superior in every way to the past we are leaving behind. Let’s share our lessons and embarrassments and shame with future generations, so they do not have to partake in the same suffering that we partook in.

Let’s rediscover and show them the Way.

Maybe if we share Our Story candidly enough, they will be able to learn from it, and avoid the pitfalls, traps, and snares we pulled One Another into.

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