13.29 The Infinite Walk of Faith

The Way is an infinite walk of Faith.

We step out into the abyss and the Path emerges, one stepping stone at a time.

The Hero gathers up her courage, holds her lantern out, and sees the next stepping stone floating over the abyss of Chaos. A mistake could cost her her Life.

She steadies her nerves, and takes the leap. The stones wobbles, and holds.

She steadies her breath. She steadies her balance. She thanks God.

She holds out her lantern again into the darkness, and catches a glimpse of the next stone…

She steadies her nerves, and takes the leap...

The path towards becoming the kind of hero who is capable of crossing the abyss and not falling to her ruin… lies in taking the steps, one at a time, as they reveal themselves.

Each step is like a small Pattern of Transformation. As our available Light reveals the next stepping stone and we have the Courage to advance, we are transformed and become something different than we were before.

With each subsequent step or leap, another Pattern of Transformation occurs, and is applied to what we are Becoming as a result of all the compounding previous transformations.

Sometimes a series of steps is easy, and we have a chance to rest in the open meadows and sunshine, and take in the beautiful vistas.

Other times our Way requires that we make seemingly impossible leaps, and confront and overcome the most terrifying obstacles and foes we can imagine.

As we take each step, and make each leap, and Confront and Overcome each challenge, we gain its relative Power. We become the kinds of people who made that leap and didn’t die… which means we can make even bigger leaps in the future. We become the kinds of people who slayed that dragon and freed its captives… which means we can slay even bigger dragons and free even more captives in the future.

Every Story Is A Prophesy of something even greater that is possible in The Future as we Progress towards The Goal.

One step at a time, one pattern of transformation at a time, we carefully keep our feet on the narrow Path of Life as we blossom and become the fullness of what we were uniquely created to be.

The Creator of the Quest Loves you, and will not present you with a challenge, test, or obstacle that you are incapable of overcoming. And because the Creator loves you and understands what lies ahead on your Quest towards you Destiny, you will be tested and pushed to your limit over and over again, because that is the only way to unleash the potential that lies dormant within you, longing to emerge.

It would not be kind to send you into the Chaos and existential danger that lies ahead without first forging you into the kind of being who is capable of confronting and overcoming that Chaos.

There is so much more Potential latent within you than you can imagine. Let’s unleash it together.

Starting right where you are, hold your lantern out… what do you see?

Do you see a higher paradigm? A higher Way? A more worthy set of beliefs and the values?

Simply choose them, and step.

Your very first step sets you on your Way. You are already different than you were. You have already transformed.

No matter where you are, no matter how old you are, no matter how far into the patterns and configurations of death you or your community have wandered, there is a transformational and exponential path that is available to you. Now. Starting right from where you are in this moment, you can set your feet on the transformational path away from suffering and towards flourishing and abundant Life.

We are navigating together one of the most crucial, treacherous, and thrilling sections of the Quest of humanity through the millennia. Let us walk together with deep intention, Wisdom, and Discernment.

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