13.30 Lanterns in the Darkness

What is the Light that allows us to see in the darkness?

The Source of Light is our light.

The Spirit of God is our Light.

The Word of God is our Light.

Logos – the spoken and embodied word, will, and intention of the Creative One is our light.

Logos, embodied in the multitude of counsel of the sacred writings.

Logos, embodied in the examples and most faithful prototypes that have gone before.

Logos, embodied and alive within your own mind and spirit.

Logos, discerned with the counsel of wise elders and guides.

There is so much Light available, within and without, to help us navigate towards the Intention, Truth, and Wisdom of the One.

Our paths are secure and established when we submit every step and every plan to the One, and walk in the Light of the Source of Light.

The Light and Logos is living, and active, and sharper than any sword.

“The ancients were subtle, mysterious, profound, responsible…Watchful, as though crossing a winter river. Alert, like people aware of danger. Courteous, like visiting guests. Yielding, like ice about to melt. Simple, like uncarved blocks of wood. Hollow, like caves. Opaque, like muddy pools.” ~ Lao Tzu

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