13.31 No Excuses - It is Absolutely and Inevitably Possible

For the first time in the great and tragic story of the human species on planet earth, we have no excuses. We now know definitively that a better world is possible.

We now know definitively that scarcity is an illusion, and that there are more than enough resources on planet earth to create a flourishing and abundant life for all its inhabitants.

We now know definitively that we can work together co-create the breakthroughs and technology to resolve the remaining forces and issues.

We now know definitively that using the fullness of scientific and technological progress to date, we can continue to progress and create to fill up whatever is lacking, and remove anything that doesn't belong.

We now know definitively that our Collective Inheritance which is all the thought, knowledge, wisdom, resources, and Creation of humanity to date is more than enough of a foundation from which to accomplish this transformation within a single generation.

We now know definitively the disastrous consequences of inaction and remaining on our current trajectory.

We can now communicate and spread Wisdom, Knowledge, and Truth instantly face to face around the world to coordinate and collaborate.

We can compare, consolidate, and reconcile the notes, maps and writings that those who have progressed farthest along this universal Quest in the past have left us.

We have emerging superpowers of technology, consciousness, and wisdom that we can harness and align to accelerate our lives and our world towards whatever end we choose.

We have the program and project management skills borne out of trillions of dollars of designing and building infrastructure, superstructure, systems, and technology so that we can know, year by year, quarter by quarter, week by week, whether we are on track to fundamentally transform our world, to do so within a generation, and to substantially progress towards concrete global goals in this decade.

Most of all, we have been presented with knowledge that we cannot Unknow.

We have seen the suffering that we cannot Unsee.

We have heard the cries that we cannot Unhear.

We are being liberated from the abusive and deceitful paradigms that oppressed and held us back. We are breaking free.

And it would be immoral and unethical to return to blindness, deafness, and slavery so we do not have to act on behalf of those who suffer, and the generations who are coming after us.

The only moral response of those who see is to give to sight to the blind.

The only moral response of those who hear is to give hearing to the deaf.

The only moral response of those who are strong is to give strength to the weak.

The only moral response of those with food is to give food to the hungry.

The only moral response of those with clothing is to give clothing to the naked.

The only moral response of those with knowledge is to give knowledge to the ignorant.

The only moral response of those with freedom is to give freedom to the enslaved.

The only moral response of those with justice is to give justice to the oppressed.

The only moral response of those with power is to give power to the powerless.

The only moral response of those with water is to quench the thirst of the thirsty.

We have all the knowledge; all the wisdom; all the resources; all the technology; all the evidence; all the insight; to know definitively and without a doubt, that the only reason suffering and scarcity persist on earth is that we allow it to; and the only reason that joy, freedom, and abundance for all do not exist is that we have failed to heed the timeless call to act as a coordinated Spiritual Body in partnership with One Another, the Creator, and All Creation, to fundamentally transform our lives and our world, and usher in New Lives, a New World, and a New Era that is our collective inheritance and Destiny.

What we know from nature is that the end is always consistent with the means. The fruit of a tree is always consistent with the type of seeds that we sow.

We are beginning to reap the great harvest that is the natural result of all we have planted and cultivated in the human story to date. When the great harvest comes, we will discover that this particular season, this particular decade, of planting, sowing, and reaping was more important than we could have possibly imagined.

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