13.32 The Choice is Ours

We have a choice.

Our legacy and the world we leave behind will be evaluated on the basis of this Conscious Decision.

We can use the fullness of our creative consciousness, technology, and resources to sow seeds of Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, Wisdom, Beauty, Liberty, and Unity.

If we do, our emerging and united superpowers will accelerate us towards the greatest era of Purpose, Peace and Prosperity that our world has ever known. We will reap the greatest harvest of Joy, Harmony and Abundance in history. If we design and build carefully enough, this New Era will last for a thousand years and Beyond.

We also clearly can see what will happen if we fail to do this.

We can choose to use the fullness of our creative consciousness and technology to continue to sow seeds of Deceit, Fear, Injustice, Exploitation, Folly, Oppression, and Division. We can continue to allow false political and religious shepherds to separate and divide us from one another to maintain their perches of power that depend on the fear, suffering, and poverty of their flocks.

False power depends on poverty and separation.

If we choose to do this, our emerging and divided superpowers will accelerate us towards the greatest season of suffering that the world has ever known.

The choice is ours.

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