13.24 Liberation From Propositional Knowing and Form

All the forms, ceremonies, and symbolism we find in religion and culture can be Good. They are there for a reason. They can help us remember. They can help us transmit. They can hold space and Wisdom when we forget. They can help us experience in perceptible form the Metaphysical Reality that is unfolding in sometimes opaque ways.

Yet in far too many cases they have grown corrupted, misinformed, and exploited by oligarchical leaders to control and manipulate those under their sway.

How easily religion becomes a weapon that not only does not help seekers enter the Kingdom of God, but prevents them. For example Jesus observed "But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you shut the kingdom of heaven in front of people; for you do not enter it yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in."

Beware of religious leaders waving the spectre of temporal or eternal paradise or suffering over your head, while offering a way out of suffering, and towards paradise, if you will just say their lines, subordinate yourself to their authority, submit your intellect to accept their propositional dogma, and agree to convert others in order to also “save” them.

The imperial systems of promising heaven, and avoidance of hell, in exchange for subordination to one of the many sets of irreconcilable propositions about (God | Allah | etc.) are passing away with the Old World. The Spirit clearly shows us that all these irreconcilable human structures are antithetical to The Goal, and fading away.

Promising eternal heaven in exchange for a submission to a set of institutionalized propositions, which are inherently irreconcilable with the sets of institutionalized propositions being sold to others, pits humanity against one another and sets them on the path towards war. God hates those who sow division among His children.

Whether manifest in the horrendous physical anti-holy wars of the Old World, or the continual arrogant splits, schisms, and denominations that plague every named religion… this absurd reduction of the infinite Source and Sustainer of life and consciousness to belief in a set of dogmatic propositions articulated by humans was one of the greatest Patterns of Death in the Old World. It was the essence of the Idolatry they were warned against.

It paved the way for religious abuse, deception, and the perpetual unholy alliance of various denominations with various empires, which enslaved the world in false and irreconcilable identities which they clung to in fear of the hell they were falsely threatened with,  and then heaven they were falsely promised.

Woe to the false teachers and rulers who bind pure souls who are trying to emerge, with such abusive and oppressive chains.

Your lies are incompatible with the New World in which Sovereign beings, created in the Image of God, directly and rightly relate to One Another, to Life, to Spirit, and to the Fount of All.

You are hereby liberated from all the propositional knowledge that you were forced to believe on pain of hell. You are free to not know, and to genuinely seek Truth wherever it leads you.

You are hereby liberated all the religious forms that you were forced to learn on pain of hell. You are free to Practice in your own Way, and to genuinely seek God in the Way the Spirit leads you.

Only be careful, and stay grounded, for many of the propositions and forms are there for good reason, for your benefit. You may discover over time that it is Wise, Right, and Good to return to many of them, for the Spirit of God never abolishes The Letter Of The Law, but rather transcends and fulfills it.

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