13.23 Freedom and Forgiveness

You are forgiven, and you are free, the moment that you consciously set your feet on the path of integrating the fullness of all that you are in service of the One from Whom you are flowing, and to Whom you are returning.

You do not need a priest, a pastor, an imam, or a guru to bless you or grant you permission or access.

You, a sovereign being, are directly invited into personal Right Relationship with the eternal Source and Sustainer of your life and consciousness.

Because the Spirit of God is living within you, breathing you, animating you, living you, all you need to is look within and unite yourself to the Highest and Deepest thing you can discover.

You do not need permission. You do not need any human to tell you you are forgiven. You do not need to subordinate yourself to any leader or institution. You do not need to pay any fees. You do not need to properly conduct any specific ceremony. You do not need to say any specific words.

Freedom and Forgiveness in the New Covenant are mediated not by the written or spoken word or law, but by the Spirit of God.

You are loved. You are worthy. You are seen. You are accepted. You are forgiven. You are free.

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