13.22 Integrating All We Are in Service of the One

The Conscious Decision required of each of us is to choose what we place our being and creative consciousness In Service To.

If we creatively and skillfully propagate the Patterns of Death, over time, little by little, we become more and more hellish creatures that inflict Hell on ourselves and others.

If we creatively and skillfully propagate the Patterns of Life in partnership with the Spirit of God, over time, little by little, we become more and more heavenly. Creatures who co-create a heavenly existence for ourselves and others.

By embodying the Patterns of Lifethat cause you and All Creation to Progress towards The Goal, you bring yourself into Harmony with and Service to the One whose Intention, Spirit, and Way is The Goal.

It is very pragmatic, and not at all like the childish heaven and hell the forces of empire and their religious institutions threatened and enticed the world with for millennia.

You are hereby liberated from the institutions of empire and religion. In the Family of God, you are both a King and a Priest, and you have Authority over the self-appointed Kings and Priests of the Earth.

You, a Sovereign being, are Free, if you would only Take Up that Freedom and accept the tremendous Responsibility that Liberty demands of you.

The good news is that we are not bound to the terrifying spectacle of trying to choose which institution or empire or religion to subordinate ourselves to, in order to obtain their certification and approval, and thereby achieve the barcode of heaven and avoid the barcode of hell.

The entire message of hope and goodness is that you, as an individual, sovereign, unique, worthy being, are loved, longed for, and desired by the Source that generates and sustains your Life, Light, and Love, by the Its Spirit that is living within you.

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