11.73 Seeds of the Higher Way

The seeds of the higher Way can be found in the most revered sacred traditions around the world. They each contain both precious jewels of Wisdom, and the inevitable distortions that accumulate from both human ignorance and intentional deception.

By comparing what is most True about each of them, and attempting to Discern what is the common underlying principle or pattern flowing from the Source of consciousness and life, our wisdom, understanding, and ability to re-articulate and embody the principles, patterns, and Spirit grows.

When we come to points of irreconcilable ideology, and one religion telling us to swear allegiance to figure A, and one religion telling us to swear allegiance to figure B, be encouraged and at peace knowing that both A and B flowed from the same Source, and we can find unity by swearing our Primary Allegiance to God.

Patiently decline to subordinate yourself to anything other than that which Figure A and Figure B were pointing to.

And then return to deeply study Figure A and Figure B. What did they each really say? Do we know? Has their message of that which is transcendent, universal, and True been distorted over time? What were the motives of those who controlled the institution over the last centuries? Beyond the individual manifestation, what is the eternal and universal Absolute they were pointing to?

In the Old World institutions subordinated us, kept us in fear, and told us that other books and beliefs were evil, and that ours was the only true way. They made specific propositional statements, and demanded conversion and allegiance to their stated propositions. This is the essence of Idolatry, creating something with your own hands or words, and then demanding that others bow down and subordinate themselves to it.

True belief and Right Relationship with God is far different than subordinating oneself to the propositions that an institution or empire claim are inviolable and absolute. Only God is Absolute, and God is a Spirit and Mystery.

Our relationship and allegiance are not to words or to an institution. They are to the Creator, and not to any human words or creation.

There is only one Ultimate Truth. There is only one Ultimate Reality. There is only one Ultimate Way. There is only one God.

The Seeds of the Kingdom of God are present throughout the traditions we have valued as sacred. Yet these jewels must be extracted, purified, reconciled, redeemed, and at-oned by the Spirit of God.

That which is most True, Wise, Right, and Good can be resurrected into the brilliant and liberated life and culture that the Creator intends for All Creation to enjoy.

These jewels of Wisdom are the riches of our collective inheritance. Wisdom is vastly more desirable than gold or silver. Nothing can compare with her.

If we collectively embodied the most Pure, Wise, and True Way of being that our most sacred traditions point us towards in partnership with the Spirit of God, would not an entirely New World manifest?

Would not this New World of abundance and harmony render the gold, silver, and capital we previously thought valuable worthless, in light of the true and only durable wealth which cannot rust or be stolen, but rather is the eternal inheritance and prize of those who rightly relate to One Another and God, and therefore flourish in abundance?

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