11.72 Initiating Fractal Patterns, Protocols, Scripts, DNA

While it is the total set of individual manifestations of a higher Way that transcends name or institution that is the Goal, the reality is that it is impossible for children to manifest something as simple as articulate writing, let alone a total Way of being, without frameworks, patterns, protocols, and coaching in the elementary forms that will later be co-creatively transcended by those who master the Way.

For the holograph of the New World to properly manifest, each individual must become a properly integrated and fully developed fractal / holographic manifestation of the Spirit of God that is longing to manifest Itself in and through us.

When left with the choice of failing to teach children how to conceive of and properly manifest a Way of right conduct and being in the world, and intentionally choosing a way to train them up in, the choice is obvious. Train them up in the Way he should go, and when they are old they shall not depart.

Families and societies which actively and wisely train their children fare far better than the unbridled chaos of an endless chain of immature human beings chasing whatever fear, desire, or whim currently has access to the mainframe of their being.

If we are not going to train our children up in false identities that pit them against one another and lead to war and destruction, we must co-create a framework that honors the diversity of heritage and perspective, while affording the ability to co-operate in pursuit of Truth, Love, and The Goal.

This Way of being and shared framework for cooperation must therefore rooted in Spirit and proper action, and not ideology. It must be rooted in our shared non-propositional Way of knowing, and not in dogmatic propositional alignment.

This brings us back to designing the basic Metaphysical DNA – that is the instruction manual composed of a Pattern Language of protocols and scripts that inform a being how to properly manifest itself as it encounters and acts upon the Reality of the universe in each moment of Time.

The good news is, we have also learned how to do this, and have a great teacher in nature, which animates energy with information, in the form of DNA.

If we can systematically transform the paradigms / scripts / Metaphysical DNA that is expressing itself in our world, we will transform our world. Without central planning. Without central control. Entirely based on individual sovereignty and free will. Rooted in a very conscious and wise plan through which all beings who awaken and transform help all other beings awaken and transform.

If we can get enough people who have progressed far enough together along this universal Quest towards The Goal of God, by helping all others do the same, pretty soon there will be a Critical Mass of new information, knowledge, wisdom and expression, an unstoppable tsunami sweeping over the Old, and carrying us onward and upward towards the New World.

If we all begin applying the transformational Patterns of Life in our own way, in our own world, while beginning to integrate ourselves and our activities, we will soon become Whole, moving together according to the Central Animating Spirit of God.

So our plan and our milestones and our critical path must run through elevating and transforming the Metaphysical DNA of the human species, within a single generation. This is a purely Spiritual matter, mediated by the Spirit of God.

This turns out to be a very measurable, quantifiable, conceivable, and therefore possible, Meta Project, that is entirely possible in partnership with God.

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