11.71 Designing and Building That Which Co-Creates the New World

As odd as it might be, we have both the power and the responsibility to consciously co-create and choose the Metaphysical DNA that will inform the next millennium how to manifest to us and to all generations of life.

Since the Information contained in the Metaphysical DNA is what will inform how the New World manifests, by designing and building Metaphysical DNA we are designing and building That Which Will Co-Create the New World.

While in some senses we can say that people are what will design and build the New World, we could actually say that it is that which designs and builds people that is ultimately that which designs and builds the New World through the co-creative agency of humanity.

While this, like all pathways, ultimately leads back to God, we are invited into its conscious process of Co-Creation and Selection.

So taking our proper place and Authority as Conscious Agents of, and co-creators with, the One, and rising towards the mind of the Oneā€¦

It is time to design and build that which will inform the Conscious Agency of humanity over the next 1,000 years and beyond.

It is time to design and build That Which Will Design and Build the New World.

It is time to design and build a higher Metaphysical DNA. A higher consciousness, more closely united to and informed by the Spirit of God.

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