11.24 Choosing The Highest Game

If billions of people are going to play a game together, we would be foolish to play any game other than the Highest and Best game of which we could collectively conceive.

Why would we intentionally play a game that moves us towards anything other than the Meta Goal?

And what other game could possibly move us towards the Meta Goal, but the Meta Game?

When you understand the Meta Goal and its ontological origin in God, by definition there is only One game available to play, which is the Meta Game through which we progress and help all life progress towards the Meta Goal.

What if we attempted to conceptualize a Meta Game, which if played by all members of society, would result in the co-creation of a New World beyond our wildest expectations in-breaking and becoming reality within a single generation?

Is it possible to rationally abstract out such a game, and discern what its rules might be?

Let’s attempt to invent a game…

With logic and rules…

Such that if we chose to play it together as a human species, a New World would result that would be superior in every way to the Old World we are leaving behind, within a single generation.

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