A New Sovereignty

The Lionsberg System will result in the emergence of a new Sovereignty.

What does this mean?

Out of the Chaos...

Humanity is currently intellectually and physically subordinated to the power and ideologies of an incoherent and incompatible set of political, religious, and ideological systems.

This system intentionally exploits physical, emotional, and spiriutal vulnerabilities to keep people fearful, divided, and subordinate to various Old power structures.

The end result is a human species that is perpetually fearful, divided against itself, and at war.

We know the end of this is failure, suffering, and death. This incoherent and fear-driven schizophrenic chaos is not compatible with a species arming itself with weaponized superpowers.

A house divided against itself will not stand. Neither will a nation or species.

A New Order...

Out of this deceitful cacophany, a New order must rise. Out of many, one rightly related Whole.

This will require humanity to declare its freedom, reassert its sovereignty, and out of many, become one.

This Higher Order Functional Unity will require the next transformation in our Way of Being and organizing ourselves and our world.

Avoiding the Descent

Historically, such realignments of sovereignty have often involved dramatic descents of the existing order into greater states of chaos, before the new can emerge.

However revolution and warfare do not necessarily need to accompany this phase transition.

If enough of us choose to rapidly enough, we could avoid the descent into greater suffering by voluntarily transcending and integrating ourselves into something New.

This would allow us to retain all the current benefits of the Old through the transition, while simultaneously gaining meaningful New capabilities.

What Is That Something New We Could Choose To Rise Into?

As we look at the dysfunction, division, and sheer lack of capability of the Old, what is that New thing that we could choose to rise into?

In other places we have described the Meta Idea that we are pointing at as a Community, or a System, or a Goal. Here, we will view it from the standpoint of sovereignty, as a New federation or super nation.

Sovereign Individuals...

The first idea is that the primary locus of Sovereignty lies not with any temporal form of government, but with the eternal Divine element within each Individual.

All Individuals are the core units that directly flow from and relate to One Source / God.

In the ancient sacred imagery, if we anthropomorphize One as "King", then each of us are "sons and daughters of the King", and possess all the inalienable rights and responsiblities as equal members of one royal / Divine family.

Our Primary Identity

Because we are all children of One Source, our primary identity is not tied up or bound in any existing temporal / human structure(s). Our primary identity is as equal members of One eternal and universal family.

From this standpoint, all existing structures and governments are inherently sub-ordinate to the individual, and bound to serve the individuals, for as long as the individuals choose to voluntarily delegate authority to it.

Our Secondary Identities

When we were thrown into the Old World at birth, nearly all of us were indoctrinated into secondary identities, and brainwashed as children with propaganda meant to cultivate love and loyalty to certain ideas and power structures, and fear of others. We are now all coming to realize, relatively simultaneously, that many of the stories we were indoctrinated into were not quite True.

Because we are primarily identified with One Source and Sustainer of All life and consciousness, we are completely free and at liberty to take up or lay down any secondary identities we have voluntarily acquired or been brainwashed into.

We are also free to forge new ones.

A New Citizenship

If we recognized that we are All One family, equally loved and deserving of the opportunity to develop into the fullness of our potential and flourish together in harmony with One and All, but that we were alienated from that truest and highest unity by temporal power structures that have grown corrupted and are no longer serving us well...

...We could choose to voluntarily design, build, and take up a New Citizenship.

That New Citizenship could carry with it whatever rights, responsibilities, and benefits we wanted to co-create.

And for it to be True, all we need to do is get enough people Acting As If it were true.

A New, Clean Slate

The constitutions, governments, and declarations of the nation-states of the Old World were forged out of varied and difficult circumstances, often in the aftermath of wars and revolutions, and often through processes plagued by unjust political, economic, and military demands.

Today, we have the ability to carve out an entirely clean, New blank slate, and design and build something New that is as close to the Ideal as we can possibly make it.

A New, Clean State

So what might it look like if we designed and built a New State, and All voluntarily took up our citizenship in it?

What if we Aimed at the Best and Highest Possibility for All, and strove together to bring it into reality?

The stages below are not necessarily sequential, but represent some major "features of work" or Milestones on the Quest.

Milestone 1: A New Community

In stage 1, we would gather our friends and allies and forge a new community where we could work together on the One Thing that unites us All.

We would build relationships and culture, and discern shared wisdom, principles, and values.

The community would be convened online, with representation from diverse cultures and traditons around the world.

Milestone 2: A New Project

In stage 2, as relationships began to cohere, we would begin learning how to Organize and Federate in order to do things together we cannot do in isolation. By striving together towards worthy goals that served as Milestones on the Quest towards the Meta Goal, we would transform ourselves into a body that continuously improved its pragmatic capability to meet needs, solve problems, and accomplish goals.

All emergent micro-projects would be contextualized as elements of one overarching and uniting Meta Project.

All emergent micro-communities would be contextualized as elements of one overarching and uniting Meta Community.

The Community / Being aspect, and the Project / Doing aspect, would cause a reciprocal opening to occur, in which greater community and relationships made ever more complex action possible, and ever more complex and meaningful action would solidify and expand relationships.

Milestone 3: A New Structure

Projects of increasing complexity would soon require that the emergent body was able to receive and channel funds, bind itself to agreements, steward resources, and otherwise act in the way that corporations and states need to act. This would require a structure that would interface with the Old World in such ways as necessary to establish bank accounts, enter into contracts, and take other pragmatic actions.

Milestone 4: A New Economy

In response to the needs of the Community and Project, a New internal economy would naturally want to begin emerging.

In order to ensure Interoperability and coherence across the network of emerging entities, basic organizational systems and frameworks would be established. See Organizations The Lionsberg Way.

The internal economy would emerge through the use of both Old and New currencies that would increase the internal circulation of Value via "soft currency", while decreasing the need for external / Old "hard currency".

The Structure would likely act as a buffer / interface between Old and New currencies.

Milestone 5: A New Platform

A New platform, or network of interoperable platforms, would be established to network together the various nodes of the emergent community. This platform would make visible Individuals, Families, Teams / Organizations, Communities, and Projects, while empowering them with the tools and resources needed to continuoulsy improve quality and capability, and interact with the various elements and benefits of the Community.

Milestone 6: A New System

The various emergent elements would be connected into a single System view of the entire program of human relationship and action. The System would view the entire emergence through the lens of a series of continuously improving processes, executed by a series of functions, that produced throughput of the Critical Chain. These processes would increasingly be automated and embedded in shared infrastructure that was available to all.

The System would be built not only to operate the existing state, but to help each individual, family, organization, and community rise towards their potential and flourish.

Milestone 7: A New Prototype

A digital prototype would be developed to reflect the Ideal of how the New System might be instantiated in any digital or physical place to integrate, elevate, and empower the people there.

Milestone 8: Territory

As more and more digital nodes emerged, physical spaces in which the Community and System could more fully express itself would be desired.

Funding from internal and external sources could be aggregated to begin acquiring physical territory, and designing and building spaces of coherence that expressed the wisdom, principles, and values of the Community.

As more and more territory was acquired around the world, the New Sovereignty would begin to have recognizable, visitable, and livable places.

Milestone 9: Sovereign Wealth Fund

The growing value of the internal economy and physical territories would be structured and stewarded inside a carefully designed successor to the "Sovereign Wealth Fund". This fund along with the underlying economic and real-estate equity could be leveraged to continue the growth of the Community.

Milestone 10: An Ecosystem of Communities, Organizations, Structures, Territories, and Funds

As the number of nodes grew and organically complexified, unique communities, structures, territories, and funds around the world would emerge or be merged into the System.

The ecosystem would be held together by Agreements that established proper incentives, governance, and right relationship among all members of the Meta Community as it navigated towards its Meta Goal.

Milestone 11: Measure and Report Impact

As the Community and its ability to create Value grows, notice, measure, report, and transact of that Value Creation transparently and accurately.

Milestone 12: Serve and Lift Up All

The entire growing power of the Community should be put in service of lifting up and empowering All, starting with those most in need. The Community will gain Value in direct proportion to its ability to serve and elevate all other things.

Milestone 13: Grow Diplomatic Recognition Over Time

As the Community measurably grows, begin obtaining diplomatic recognition from both Old and New institutions, and begin exerting influence in the Old arenas at the same time you operate efficiency and transparently in the New.

Because more than half the Old countries have a population of less than 10 million, and 1 in 5 has a population of less than 1 million, and because the population of the New Sovereignty will be distributed throughout and therefore be able to influence all Old sovereinties from within, it should not take long before the New substantially influences the trajectory and policy of the earth.

Milestone 14: The Transition From Old to New

As the difference between the efficiency, benefits, and impact of the Old and New become apparent over time, more and more of the energy, resources, and land of the Old will be transfered into the New. This could function something like a siphon between two buckets, that would return all resources and sovereignty on earth back to its inhabitants in a single generation.

As the New grows and coordinates itself, it will be able to vote with its resources, vote with its feet, and vote with its votes in all times and places in order to place in positions of influence New servant leaders who bring the entirety of the Old into conformance with the New.

And having regained their freedom and sovereignty, and thrown off the yoke of oppression, they will never again suborindate themselves to any but One.

Milestone 15: Passing the Baton

Having gone through the once-in-millennia opportunity to forge something New out of the chaos of the Old, it would be time to begin passing the baton, and the rising generation would be ready for it, because we had been helping them every day take on greater and greater challenges in preparation for it.

And of this New Sovereign Community of One and All, there shall be no end.

A Dwelling Place Suitable For All

Who shall we include in this New Sovereignty? All that flow from One. Even the difficult ones.

We are All One family. One body. One Sovereignty. One super nation.

There is a citizenship in the New World available for everyone without exception who abides by the Provisional Code and honors the Values. How quickly can we invite humanity to take up their New citizenships, and gain access to all the benefits of the New?

We have seen damaging technologies virally scale to billions of users quickly.

How much more so should we be able to scale something so universally massive, positive, and good, when the the future of our children, our grandchildren, and all generations to come depends upon it?