Above The Chaos, Introducing The Meta Game

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.07.26 (updated 2022.07.26)

A post in Above The Chaos.

Hello Friends and Allies,

This morning I wrote up a ~4,500 word essay as a starting point for continuous improvement as we begin to articulate the framework and guardrails of the Meta Game.

You can find it here on the Lionsberg Wiki: Meta Game.

This begins to lay out the framework for something that is entirely consistent with the Spirit / Logic / Heart of the Lionsberg | Meta Project, while aiming to reach out and make it accessible to every being on earth without exception, regardless of their current State of Being or capability.

Eventually, this will be connected out to the life long program of human, organizational, and community development.

The essay itself (like most of what I write), was not written to be widely accessible. It was written as a rough starting point to empower a core team of co-creators to begin really articulating the logic, frameworks, agreements, and structure of the Game together.

It can be thought of as a start to the Plans and Specifications of the Game.

It touches on much of the same logic of the Meta Project:

  1. The Sovereignty and Autonomy of the Individual
  2. Forging / Joining Teams
  3. Making and Keeping Meaningful Commitments
  4. Engaging in Meaningful Work that advances the Critical Path towards the Goal
  5. Relationship to the Lionsberg | Meta Project
  6. Relationship to the Lionsberg | Meta Community, etc.

It goes further to begin to address accounting for the exchange of Time and Energy within the System, and proposes a Time Currency rooted in Meaningful Work and Commitments as an opening basis for the Measurement and Exchange of Value.

It also merges out towards the ideas contained in A New Sovereignty and articulates how the Game will likely instantiate itself in a growing network of businesses and real estate holdings.

If you would like to be part of a Working Group to specifcally focus on the co-creation / design-build of the Meta Game and its associated Currencies and Energy Accounting, please let us know!

Lastly - I fully recognize that there are A LOT of people out there working on similar games. The game we build should help and accelerate them all, while hopefully inviting and integrating all similar emergent ideas into some higher order form of functional unity that might work.

This is going to be fun! Let's Co-Create and Play The Game!

If / as we succeed, this could create full time work for a LOT of people...

With Love, In Community,

~ J

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