2.1 Strategic Overview

Our Current Best Understanding is that the fundamental root cause of the Meta Crisis is our Way of Being as a human species on planet Earth.

Therefore the strategy must comprehensively address the total transformation of our Way of Being from the Old to the New.

Changing Thought and Behavior

Inspiring a global community to work together to design and build itself, so that together we can design and build a better world, will require changes in thought and behavior.

From lifetimes of coaching, psychological and spiritual work, we understand that if you want to transform thought and behavior, you can't transform thought and behavior.

Instead, you must transform the underlying paradigms that are prior to thought and behavior.

These underlying paradigms are nested inside of a Narrative Framework.

Therefore we have to transform the deepest Narrative Framework in which human consciousness exists, so that our paradigms are transformed, so that our Perception is transformed, so that our thoughts and behaviors naturally transform.

It is something akin to the first simultaneous global transformation of consciousness.

Critical Path

Our Hypothesis is that the critical path therefore runs along:

  1. A meta narrative / story, that creates...
  2. A shift in consciousness, that leads to...
  3. A shift in paradigm and values, that leads to...
  4. A shift in perception, that leads to...
  5. A growing community...
  6. Designing and building itself, and...
  7. Co-creating the shared resources, tools, systems, infrastructure, services, and technology, required to...
  8. Design and build the best possible future for All.

Each Story a Prophesy

As we begin to self-organize and create impact, each value created and story told becomes a prophecy of the greater stories that can be co-created in the future, fueling the snowball of individuals, organizations, communities, tribes, and nations arising and uniting to help one another advance towards The Goal.

Sequencing Resources and Energy

The sequencing of energy and resources therefore becomes very critical.

Stage 1: Initial Infrastructure and Language

Stage 2: The Wise Right Initial People

Stage 3: The Wise Right Structure and Patterns

Stage 4: The Wise Right Systems, Process, and Culture

Stage 5: The Wise Right Local Progress Towards Global Goals

Stage 6: The Wise Right Measurement and Performance Management

Stage 7: The Wise Right Packaging and Resources of Value Creation

Stage 8: The Wise Right Stories

Stage 9: Snowballing / Scaling Up

Stage 10: Progressive Navigation Towards The Goal

Stage 11: Continuous Improvement

Stage 12: Passing the Baton

For another take on phases, see A New Sovereignty.

Approximate Milestones and Timing

Our Current Best Understanding, sure to be precisely wrong, lays out the follwoing approximate milestones.

1. Foundational Legal and Technological Infrastructure - Pre 2022

2. First Communications and 6 to 24 People - Q1 2022

3. Structuring and Federating - Q2 2022

4. Liberate Being and Doing Dimensions to Reciprocally Unfold - Q3 2022

5. Establish Basic Processes and Tools For Community and Program Management - Q2 to Q4 2022

5. Phase I Philanthropic Resourcing - Q3 to Q4 2022

6. Identity Grand Challenges, Global Goals, and Shared Vision - 2022

7. Establish Navigation Dashboards - Q3 2022

8. Full Cycle System Testing - Q3 2022 - 2023

9. Phase II Blended Capital Resourcing and New Markets - Q4 2022 - 2023

10. A Growing Snowball of Individuals, Organizations, Communities, and Stories Advancing Towards The Goal - 2023 to 2030

11. Phase III Growing New Economy and Markets - 2023 to 2030

12. Realigning Existing Power Structures and Incentives - 2024 to 2030

13. Local Progress Towards 2040 Goals - 2030 to 2040

14. Local Progress Towars 2050 Goals - 2040 to 2050

15. Passing the Baton Generationally - Ongoing

16. Flourishing Life, Economy, Governance, and Society - Ongoing

17. Progress towards 2075 Goals

18. Progress towards 2100 Goals

19. Progress towards 3000 Goals

20. Beware lest the spirit that corrupts rises again!