One Thing

The Meta Idea of the Lionsberg System and the Meta Project is that there is One Thing that unites us All.

There is only One Meta Aim. There is only One Meta Goal. There is only One Meta Vision. There is only one Most Worthy Goal.

We intentionally leave the Meta Level abstract rather than concretizing it, but we all have an innate intuition for what it is.

Perhaps what unites us is (something like) Life and its Source. Perhaps it is (something like) Love. And if we Love All, then perhaps the overarching and uniting Meta Goal becomes (something like):

The total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of All generations of Life and Consciousness.

If One is Love, then that is the Meta Intention.

What if we All actually worked together and helped One Another towards that Goal?

It would require that we:

  1. solve the total set of Grand Challenges
  2. Accomplish the total set of Global Goals
  3. Forge the Best Possible Future in partnership with One and All.

The One Thing is One and All.

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