1.13 Harmony, Equilibrium, Right Relationship, Flow, Oneness

As we conform ourselves to the One, we come into harmony with the One, and thereby the All. We take our formely dischordant instruments of being, and tune them to the universal Symphony that is longing to manifest itself.

The Way is a Way of bringing ourselves into harmony and equilibrium with all aspects of Life, Consciousness, and the Source from which they Flow.

We thereby are able to see clearly beyond the illusions and perceived boundaries of Space and Time, Physical and Metaphysical, into the Universal and Eternal Ultimate Reality that surrounds, permeates, creates, and sustains us.

As we conform ourselves towards harmony with One and All, it allows us to remain warm, calm and at ease with ourselves, those around us, and All.

It centers us in an immovable fortress of being that is not subject to the whims, chaos, and terrors of our existence.

From this place, we can begin to experience the Humility, Open-Mindedness, Peace, and Joy of a collective effort to navigate towards Truth, towards Wisdom, and towards Oneness through Love.

This basic Way of Being is the nucleus of the teaching that begins to draw our the Unique Goodness of each Practitioner so that they can contribute to life and society in the most positive Way, thereby progressively drawing out thier best and highest Potential.

The state of Harmony and Equilibrium with One and All ill be achieved through Prayer and Meditation, learning and analysis, planning, focused training and practice, action, and continuous elevation on a regular basis that will elevate and strengthen the Practitioner’s Body, Mind, and Spirit.

The training, development, and progressive transformation must encompass and integrate All aspects of being.

Navigating out into the infinite unknown, we cannot possibly predict what lies ahead. We must therefore become the kinds of people who are competent and capable of dealing with All things competently and properly.

As you become the kind of person that is capable of such things, you can walk in comfort and compassion without fear of might arise.

When you walk in comfort and compassion, what is right and required for each situation will flow through you naturally.

When Wise Right thought, words, and action flow spontaneously through you into each moment you find yourself in, you become one and are united with the Spirit and Intention of One who longs to manifest Itself through you as fully as possible for the good of All.

When we are first transforming and first discover these connections and moment of Flow, they are brief at first. We taste it, we sense it, we experience the great meaning and ecstasy of Higher Order Functional Unity and Flow for a moment, we glimpse it, we touch it, and then it is gone.

Whenever that happens, remember it. Remember what It felt like when It flowed through you.

Treasure up the experiential reality, all the feelings and senses and aliveness of your whole being, and be deeply gratteful for the moment. Do not mourn its loss, but be deeply, deeply, grateful that It manifested Itself at all.

Recenter, without mourning or frustration and full of gratitude, and then use your entire being and all of your senses to attempt to rediscover and reconnect with it again.

Over time, your experiences of Flow will become longer and longer, and your periods of disconnection shorter and shorter. Additionally your capacity to create Throughput of That Which Is Longing To Express Itself Through You will increase, so that the each moment of Flow produces more and more of It.

And since we are all transforming ourselves into ever more capable and powerful conduits of One Thing, we are collectively becoming Co-Creators of That Which Is Emerging Through us.

We are progressively becoming less alienated from, and more and more united with, the deepest Ultimate Reality that is inviting us into Oneness, Harmony, and Partnership with It.

And the One we All are Flowing from is the best partner we could ever hope for.

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