1.12 Transformation and Conformation

We are all transforming ourselves towards One image and One Goal.

We are all conforming ourselves towards One image and One Goal.

We are all becoming living conduits through which One Spirit and One Goal Realize Themselves.

We are all striving towards One Mind and One Body and One Spirit and One Soul and One Goal.

Yet there is a Chasm between the Old and the New.

There is a Chasm between who we are and who we ought to be.

There is a Chasm between what is and what could, and therefore should be.

And there is some percentage, some measure, some degree to which we are presently conformed to, or embodying, that Ideal and Goal in our own unique Way, Time, and Place.

There is a Way that is Universal and Eternal, beyond Time and Space.

As you transform towards it, you become a bearer and unique expression of Its image, in your own Way, in your own Time, and in your own Place.

The essence of the Way is to recognize that you are eternally transforming, moment by moment, with each transformation being applied to the product of the previous transformation.

Since Success if the progressive realization of a worthy goal, and you are transforming towards the Most Worthy Goal, the idea is to ensure that with each moment, you are transforming your Self and your world in such a Way that moment by moment they are increasing their conformance, Quality, or degree of fit to the Heart, Mind, Spirit, Will, Intention, and Goal of the One, which are One.

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