1.11 Non-Propositional Knowing

One of the greatest diseases that afflicted the Old World was that it did not understand Wisdom and Knowledge.

Wisdom is (something like) the ability to see from the One perspective and think from the One Mind. A Mind that is perfectly Wise shares the Mind of God.

Yet who completely shares in and embodies the Mind of God?

We all at best possess a tiny fragment of that true and ultimate Wisdom that is beyond our comprehension.

Just as the Mind of God is beyond our comprehension and grasp, yet can be related to and experienced, so too is the universe flowing from it.

Because the Ultimate Reality of the One and its Universe are eternally beyond our comprehension, they must be eternally related to primarily Non-Propositionally, and secondarily through our feeble attempts to articulate our Current Best Understanding.

However this does not mean that they cannot be Known.

It is possible to Know something Non-Propositionally; that is, it is possible to know, experience, and even embody something that is beyond our ability to articulate.

The Way, like the Universe and its Source, belongs in this same category. It must be primarily and progressively Known and rightly related to in a Non-Propositional way that remains eternally beyond word and form.

The importance of this cannot be overstated.

The moment one believes the Know the Way propositionally, they have severed themselves from Right Relationship with the universal and eternal Ultimate Reality they were formerly striving towards, and traded the infinite potential of That Which is Creating and Sustaining the Entire Universe for a measely figment of their own imagination.

You cannot reduce the Way to form or thought. It must be felt, experienced, and known with the entirety of your being, in the depths which are far beyond words or thoughts.

Oh how we long for All to experience the infinite bliss of knowing something so deeply!

As soon as one articulates the Way into written propositions or forms, it ceases to be the non-propositional reality, and becomes one’s unique representation of it rather than its true essence.

One should therefore be very careful about making forms, which simultaneously make visible and yet simplify and reduce the infinite into an articulated and embodied form that inevitably falls short of the Ideal.

We are taking a deep and carefully calculated risk by attempting to articulate and embody the Way into some semblance of written, structural, and systematic embodied form, just as the Creator did with us.

However we are being extraordinarily careful to ensure that the articulation eternally remain an Icon pointing beyond itself to the One, and thereby never becomes an Idol.

Therefore, remember that a teacher is only a Guide, and a Guide is only a Guide, and that they are merely there to assist you on your Way towards an ever deepening Right Relationship with the One that is thinking and breathing you into being.

The Way is simply an articulated starting point to the question of how we ought to be, in light of all we have come to Know, about the Universal and Eternal Ultimate Reality that will forever remain beyond our knowing.

It is a map to help Guide you in the Way towards the Goal. It points the Way, but it is not the Way itself.

Anything that represents the Way or the One is not the Way or the One Itself, but a prototypical local embodiment of the Universal and Eternal, that share in its nature to some varying degree of Faithfulness.

We should all be striving to co-create and become the Most Faithful Prototype, as we all strive to conform ourselves to the image of the One.

Any single instantiation is not the Way itself, but a prototypical local embodiment of the infinite and unboundable Way to some varying degree of Faithfulness.

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