1.14 Beyond Forms and Techniques

In many arts and ways there are an endless succession of forms and techniques that one must spend a lifetime to conform oneself to.

You are progressively corrected and conformed into the form as defined by the Dogma of the system.

Spending your lifetime conforming yourself to institutionalized techniques then qualifies you to spend your teaching years conforming others to them, and correcting them when they do not properly conform.

On the outside the forms appear strong, yet inside they are empty and lifeless. When tested, they collapse.

This lifeless institutionalized conformance to Dogma and Orthodoxy is not the Way.

Human beings are not empty things to be pressed and molded into predetermined forms that the Authorities desire.

You are already full of a unique Potential and a unique Way longing to express itself through you. And you are the only one who can express it, so it cannot be found in the Old Dogma.

You are a unique expression of the One.

The Way is to unite yourself to the infinite, vibrant, living, flowing Force which is creating and sustaining the entire universe, so that you become a unique living embodiment so intimately and fully connected to the infinite and inexhaustible Source of Life, that it spontaneously and continually Flows from the depths of your Being into Wise Right Action that nourishes and lifts up the world.

There are no forms. There is no outer show. There is no way to fake it.

The is only pure, inner, primal, universal, eternal Power that either is or is not properly Flowing through you for the Good of All.

The Way is designed not to subjugate and conform students to an articulated set of forms that encompasses all practitioners and all situations, but to rather to liberate and unify Practitioners from the Old forms so that infinite Potential can flow through them into whatever situation they find themselves in.

This is the Way in which All produce Throughput of One Spirit and One Goal.

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