1.15 Co-Creating the World

Whether you consciously realize it or not, you are co-creating (y)our world.

You are the principal creative agent in the way in which (y)our world is manifesting itself to you.

It is our Goal and our Way of Being that causes the world to manifest itself to us as it is.

As we practice, elevate, and transform our Way of allowing our Goal to ever more fully Flow through us, we elevate and transform the way Reality unfurls itself to meet us.

Not only that, but we begin to posess the ability to consciously and intelligently choose, out of the infinite number of Potential Futures, which one actually becomes our present Reality.

When we are asleep, ignorant, bound in the Caves, and unconsciously co-creating our world, we co-create suffering and death.

When we are awake, enlightened, and consciously co-creating our world, we co-create flourishing and abundant Life through Love.

As you progress in the Way, do not dismiss the deepest and most mysterious things because you do not yet understand them.

You will never know or understand whether they are True or Possible until you attempt to act them out and become the kind of being that can embody them.

Until you truly and experientially understand for yourself, Act As If it were True. Please. It will save us all so much suffering.

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