1.16 Co-Creating A Wise Right World

We are co-creating our world, whether we recognize it or not.

It is not an option to not co-create. The only choice is whether we do it in a conscious and enlightened Way that creates Life in a Spirit of Love, or whether we do it in an unconscious and endarkened way that creates suffering and death.

Being Co-Creators, what kind of a world shall we Co-Create?

There is only One morally acceptable answer, and that is the Highest And Best of Which We Can Presently Conceive. The Highest Intention and Greatest Good of Which We Can Presently Conceive.

To create the best possible world, it would have to reflect the eternal Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, societies, and life to flourish.

These principles are evident throughout Creation and known to all people of Goodwill.

The articulated propositions and forms may be different, but the Spirit is One.

The Old World was constructed in an Old Way that was antithetical to them.

The New World must be co-created in a New Way that causes it to progressively transform towards ever greater coherence with them.

The Way has been discovered and operationalized, to varying degress of faithfulness, in the lives of many individuals.

Yet so far we have failed to operationalize the Way collectively.

In the face of this Meta Crisis, we have come to the time for our next examination. Our success or failure will determine the heaven or hell on earth that we will leave as our legacy to future generations.

The end result of billions of people faithfully helping one another walk in this Way would be a perfectly harmonized, coherent, and whole Society and Living System that was continuing to Become A Little Better Every Day.

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