1.17 The Chosen Ones

To whom does the flourishing and abundant New World we are Co-Creating belong?

Who are the chosen people or species?

Whom shall we include?

Whom shall we exclude?

Whom shall we privilege?

Who is “we”?

Who is invited to the great banquet table?

There is only One that All things flow from.

The One Divine Father and Mother love All Their children, without exception.

And Their flourishing and abundant New World belongs to All generation of life without exception.

No one can escape the universal rays of Love that eternally flow from the Source and Sustainer of Life. Like the rays of the sun, they penetrate, permeate, and illuminate All things.

The Spirit of Love is universal and without exception.

Therefore the opportunity to discover one’s potential and flourish in service of One and All should also be universal and without exception.

You, whoever you are, are Loved and Enough. You are invited. You are welcomed. God loves you. We love you.

You have been sought out and chosen, because we All are loved, and we All are chosen, because we are All the family of the One.

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