5.6 Choosing the Meta Goal

We are repeating this in each chapter for a reason, for it is the One Thing, that if we get it right, will cause all other things to be added unto us.

Do not worry... only seek First the (Kingdom of God), and all these things will be added unto you.

Since the amount of Meaning we will experience if life is directly proportional to the Quality / Value / Worthiness of the Goal we are progressing towards, why consciously choose anything short of the Most Worthy Goal?

There is only One.

The only suitable object of the Quest is the proverbial “Holy Grail”.

The only suitable object of the Meta Quest, by strict definition, is the Meta Goal.

It is not a philosophical or spiritual or religious. It is a matter of definition.

The Meta Goal is the Meta Object of the Meta Quest, which can only be from, towards, and through One.

Each of these is the highest order one of its kind, and all the highest order things of all kinds are united by One Thing.

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