5.5 Quality and Quantity of Meaning

There is a Quality and a Quantity to the service we render to One and All.

This relates to the Value we produce for One and All.

There is a Quality and a Quantity to the Meaning that we experience.

It turns out that they are technically and directly proportional to one another.

Meaning is derived from the Quality and Quantity of our Goal, or the Worthiness of our Goal, and our Progress towards it.

The Quantity / amount / measure / level of purpose and meaning we experience in life is directly proportional to three primary things:

1.    The Worthiness of the Goal we are progressing towards

2.    The amount of responsibility we take on in service of the Goal

3.    The Quality of our Action, as evidenced by the Quantity of tangible Progress / Success / Value.

Recall that Success is the progressive achievement of a worthy Goal, and that Value is measured in terms of Throughput of a worthy Goal, and that Throughput is essentially Progress along a Critical Path or Critical Chain, such that there is an equivalence to Progress, Success, and Value relative to a Goal.

This implies a very simple Way towards the highest possible sense of Purpose and Meaning in life:

  1. Choose the Highest and Most Worthy Goal of you can possibly conceive of.

  2. Take on as much Responsibility as you are able to bear in service of The Goal.

  3. Continuously improve your ability to co-create Throughput of the Goal.

Sounds like a noble Quest. Towards a noble Goal.

Purpose and Meaning are found when we embark on the heroic Quest to move…

…from what is…

…to what ought to be…

…and to help All Creation advance with us…

…towards the Highest Intention and Greatest Good

…through Love

…embodied in Wise Right Action.

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