5.7 Advancing in Relationship

Choosing the most epic, meaningful, significant Quest we can possibly conceive of towards the Highest and Most Worthy Goal sets us out on an adventure that we should not attempt alone.

The meaningfulness of our work is amplified by the meaningfulness of our relationships.

The meaningfulness of our relationships all comes back to the same thing.

Right Relationship is Love.

If we Love One Another, we will Help One Another.

Towards what?

Towards Where We Are Going.

Away from pain and suffering, and towards The Goal.

Can you imagine a Community in which every one was helping every one advance towards Where We Are Going

…and in which Where We Are Going is One?

Recognizing that we can’t succeed alone, gather up those around you, and take on as much Responsibility as you can bear for the success of your team, your community, and All generations of Life, and move with the full force of your Being towards the Goal!

Measure your Progress, Become A Little Better Every Day, and continuously elevate your performance as the challenges and obstacles of the Quest transform you towards your Potential.

The growth, development, and Realization can only come through Progress. True Progress can only come in Community. And true Community can only be found in a place of Right Relationship.

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