1.16 Dialogue, Circumambulation, and Speech

"Before we say much more, we should say something about the elementary act of speaking, and the Way we speak."

As we uttered the words, from the back of the room we heard a distracting and discordant noise, and noticed that two of the pilgrims were chattering at One Another.

We walked over to them, told them to stop speaking over One Another. "That is not the Way we speak to One Another out here."

We instructed them to repeat after us:

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - I am fully awake and present."

They repeated the lines and looked up at us.

"Are you here again?"

A flush of embarrassment crossed their faces, as they realized they had fallen back into their chattering trance and disrupted the assembly.

"This will be common for a period of time as we work to liberate our Minds. It was not just your bodies that were held in bondage. We need to rewire our neural architecture and pathways, and we need to Help One Another. So if you notice anyone falling back asleep and beginning to mindlessly repeat the chatter of their cave, do as we did. Stop them, and have them count themselves out of the trance and back into the present moment and higher Way. Any of you, at any time, if you find your Old selves falling back asleep or your Mind starts to mindlessly chatter, can use this simple #tool to bring yourselves back to awareness in the present moment."

"Now back to the matter at hand. Before we speak further, we would like to speak about How We Speak."

"First, we would like to make sure that everyone understands perhaps the most fundamental word and method of speech, which is Dialogue."

"This Word Tool is bantied about quite carelessly by the chatterers in the Caves, however out here it has a very specific meaning. The word Dialogue comes through Latin from Greek 'dialogos', dia meaning 'through' and logos meaning 'speech' or 'discourse'.

"The word Logos is far more interesting than mere speech however, because it is also associated with logic and reason, and more specifically with perfect Divine logic. Therefore as we speak, we are attempting to articulate, to the best of our ability, the perfect Divine logic, which when spoken brings forth that which is most Good."

"The second skill related to speech is Circumambulation or Circumnavigation. The word circumambulation comes from the Latin circum, which means around, and ambulatus, which means to walk. You might have heard this term applied to the act of contemplatively walking around a sacred object. It can also be used in the realm of the Mind and Speech to circle around and approach an Idea from different angles to help illuminate and understand it from different angles."

"If you ever get confused by our speech, remember that we are always circling around One Thing only, which is That which contains within Itself and orders all other things."

"That is the Meta Idea of the Meta Quest that we are embarking on together."

"As we travel along our Way, do not take your speech lightly. Until you discover otherwise, speak and Act As If each one of your words was magical, and contained the power to invoke things into being, because out here, they do."

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