1.17 Infrastructure

"You are the first of many who will come after you. You are the vanguard, the tip of the spear, in the Great Movement of All towards the highest 1. Intention and Goal."

"We need not explain that it is always hardest for those who go first. However you were chosen to be first. You were chosen for this for a reason. You were ready for a reason. You heard the whisper for a reason. You awakened for a reason. You arose for a reason. You are here for a reason."

"As those who go first, it is our duty, if we truly are here to Love and serve All, to do the hard work outselves to make it easier for those who come after us."

"Every obstacle that you encounter is an opportunity. Not only is it an opportunity, it is the Way towards the Goal."

"Tomorrow, as we begin making our way out towards the Boundary, we will inevitably encounter problems and obstacles. We know that if we encounter them, those coming after us will encounter them as well, for All in the Meta Movement are walking in the same Way towards the same Goal."

"Perhaps a very small few of the problems and obstacles you encounter will be unique to you and solely yours to vanquish. However the vast majority of the problems and obstacles we encounter will be common to All."

"Recognizing that we are at the vanguard of a Meta Movement towards the New World, it is our duty and our imperative, those brave and courageous few of us who go first, to solve the problems and forge solutions in a Way that will make it easier for all who come after us."

"For example, if we approach a river, we could forge through it and get securely to the other side, and simply wish those who come after us well... or recognizing that we are blazing a trail for billions who are following in our footsteps, we could do the hard work to build for our Selves a bridge, that will also make it easier for All who come later."

"How many lives might be spared, and how much more rapidly we will All advance towards the Goal, if All who come before build Infrastructure for All who come after."

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