1.29 Becoming


"We are already growing Stronger."

It was true. It was still dark out, but the change in their bodies and eyes was already visible after just a short time outside the cave, and advancing through but a few Challenges.

"We are now the kinds of the Beings who can courageously pass through foreboding Warning signs and move beyond petrified corpses without turning back."

"And that is not just a specific capability. That kind of Courage generalizes and will apply to many different Domains of thought and action as we advance."

"Our entire Quest towards the Goal will be like this."

"As we progress together in the Way, we will face a series of increasingly complex and terrifying series of Challenges, Obstacles, and Enemies."

"As we come to many of these Obstacles, we will Perceive ourselves as entirely untrained, unequipped, and unqualified to confront and overcome them."

"Yet there is far more within us than we could possibly imagine. When we voluntarily face into the [Fear] of the [Impossible] [Obstacle] that lies ahead, and when we turn to the [One] and accept the [Divine] [Partnership] and [Assistance] that is always available to us, we can and will indeed [Prevail] if we do not [Panic] and [Freeze] in [Fear]."

"When we Identify and Prevail over each Obstacle, something absolutely extraordinary will happen."

"We will Transform and Become something More."

"We will become the kinds of Beings who can Identify and Prevail over Issues and Obstacles."

"Imagine being such a Being!"

"Over time, we can transform into something far More than we could ever currently Ask or Imagine."

"Over time, we will discover that the Enemies and Obstacles actually mark the Way towards the Goal."

"Over time, we will learn to consume them for fuel, just as fire transforms everything in its path into fuel for its own advance."

"Who knows the depths of the Potential that is within us?"

"It is the Spirit and Potential flowing from the inexhaustible Fount of the One Itself."

"Longing to express ever more of the fullness of [Itself] through us."

"This is not just an abstract or mystical idea."

"What percentage of the Potential in our DNA, our Spirit and our Mind had to express itself when we were within the Boundary?"

"How much of of the inexhaustible Fount of Being and Consciousness is called up from the depths to manifest Itself through us when we are drugged and asleep and vomiting up the false words we were programmed to say?"

"In comparison to our ultimate Potential, it was close to zero."

"In the Caves our bodies atrophied, our Minds atrophied, our Spirits atrophied, and our weak, gray, dull beings withered in the weak, grey, dull environment."

We have no Idea of the what the upper limits of that Potential could be, if we progressively unlocked and called forth ever more of Our Selves by confronting and overcoming every larger Issues and Obstacles.

The secret key to unlocking Potential does not lie in the false security of the Caves.

We can just start to get a glimpse of it in the purgatory between the Caves and the Boundary.

However very soon, we are going to discover it in the Reality that lies Beyond.

Our Potential is not Realized in the peaceful moments of relative safety and pleasure we will no doubt experience together.

The secret key to Potential lies in Voluntarily facing out into the Unknown, placing ourselves in New and terrifying positions, and demanding of our Selves and our Source that the latent Potential come forth and express Itself so that we can contend with, adapt to, and overcome whatever Obstacle has manifested itself to us.

It is All there.

Inside of us.

Longing to express Itself.

Longing for us to become a living Embodiment of It.

As we venture out into the Chaos of the Unknown, our Spirit, Mind and DNA will respond by literally transforming the way they are expressing themselves into us.

With every New Challenge, a little more of our Potential will be revealed.

We are actually capable of partnering with the One to Become something entirely New our Selves, as a consequence of Elevating And Transforming All other things.

Yet when we are facing into each subsequent Terror, it will not always feel like it.

We will be tempted to run back to our Old beds, pull the covers up over our heads, and tremble and pray that the Existential Threat goes away and does not find us.

Yet if we turn back, we will find that we are unable to return.

Our New and Progressively Enlightening Consciousness will have become incompatible with the Old as a result Who We Have Become as we have progressed in the Way.

Once we Know, we cannot Unknow.

Once we See, we cannot Unsee.

Once we Hear, we cannot Unhear.

Once we Perceive, we cannot Unperceive.

To do so would be to betray the Truth.

To betray the Truth would be to betray the Spirit of Truth.

To betray the Spirit of Truth would doom us to a fate far worse than Death.

We are preparing for this Reality now, as we approach the Point of No Return, because as we pass through successive Obstacles, each one closes behind us like a door.

There is no turning back.

While the Terror of what lies ahead may be great, we should be far more terrified to betray our Spirit, Mind, One Another, and One by turning back in Fear, or longing for the meager provision and false comfort of the Old Caves in which we were formerly imprisoned.

We are now approaching the third and final Warning sign, which we have been discussing in advance, so that we are prepared to face it, and hopefully venture beyond it.

Always remember, there is only One Thing to Fear.

There is only One rightful Meta Fear, there is only One rightful Meta Love, and they are One and the Same.

Understanding what to Love the most and what to Fear the most is the beginning of Wisdom. #principle

When our greatest Love and our greatest Fear become One, we are in harmony with the One, and nothing can stand in our Way.

Bravely now, Time is wasting and lives are at stake.

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