1.30 Warning 3

"In addition to the previous warnings about the Suffering and Danger that awakening and thinking and Speaking Truthfully may bring us…"

"...there is one far more serious Warning that we must pass through."

"This greater danger lies in what can happen to us if we begin to Perceive and Understand what the Spirit of Truth and Love is speaking, and then Turn Back out of Fear rather than advancing in the Way and through the Threshholds that progressively open to us."

"Once we Perceive and Know that there are cracks in the Structure upon which we have founded our deepest Beliefs and Identity…"

"…and when we are faced with the profound implications of admitting that…"

"…if we Turn Back in Fear and re-cling to that which we now Know is not entirely True in order to save our former life, home, relationships, or positions in a false ideological hierarchy…"

*"…we betray the Spirit that is beckoning us forward and guiding the transformation of our Spirit and Soul, which is the same Spirit that is guiding the universal transformation of our lives and our World, which is the same Spirit of the One through Whom All thing are created and sustained."

"Every other Sin can be Forgiven, Atoned for, and set right."

"However the Conscious and Continual betrayal of the Spirit of Truth will destroy us."

"Every time we reach a moment of Truth and betray it, we become more and more the kind of being who betrays the Truth."

"If there is a Pattern of Death that will lead us to plumb the depths of Suffering and Chaos, it is the Conscious and habitual betrayal of the Spirit of Truth."

"Remember, we are venturing out on a dangerous Quest into the Unknown. If we cannot Navigate, we will get Lost and Perish."

"Truth is our Compass and our Guide."

"It is our North Star."

"It is that which never changes."

"It is the Reference Point by which we calibrate our Instruments."

"It is Reality."

"If you lose touch with Truth, you lose touch with the Light."

"If you corrupt the Truth, you corrupt your inner Compass."

"If you corrupt your inner Compass, you will get lost and perish."

"If we lose touch with the Light and corrupt our Compass, we will lose the Way, and soon, we will be Alone, in the Darkness, in the Unknown, Lost and Disoriented, having ventured far from the upward Path towards Destiny, and having potentially so damaged our Inner Compass that we will Perish wandering in circles through the Chaos that overwhelms and encompasses us."




"…unless and until you are willing to embark and never turn back from the epic Quest to follow the Golden Thread of Truth towards Destiny through Love, no matter where it may lead."

"It will lead us face to face with our Deepest Fears and Worst Nightmares."

"However perhaps we are destined to Become the kinds of Beings who are not imprisoned and held captive by Fear."

"Perhaps we are destined to Become the kinds of Beings who forever reject The Illusion Of Permanent Security, and embrace the reality that our only True Security lies in our combined Strength, Competence, and ability to face into and Contend with the Unknown, in Eternal and perpetual Partnership with One and One Another."

"If the One is on our side, what could possibly stand in our Way and prevail?"

"In light of the Reality that there will always be a proverbial Serpent in any Walled Garden that we forge for ourselves, perhaps instead of making our Selves Safe we need to make our Selves and Strong, so that no matter what Existential Threat or Fear manifests itself to us, we can grapple with it and overcome it together."

"On the other side of Becoming the kinds of transformed Beings who can Truthfully confront and overcome our Deepest Fears and Worst Nightmares is Liberation, Sovereignty, Peace, and Right Relationship with All things and the One Thing that is the Source and Sustainer of All."

"If we really allow our Mind and Consciousness to deeply, prayerfully, spiritually, intellectually, and physically ponder these realities, we will come to Know things that we will be unable to Unknow, and Perceive things that we will be unable to Unperceive, without betraying Truth, Wisdom, Love, Justice, and their Spirit and Source."

"If we are unwilling to courageously embark on the Quest and walk in the Way towards Truth and The Goal, no matter where it arises from or where it may lead, we must avert our eyes from the Light and burn this Book."

"If we do so, some day after we have once again suffered long enough in the Bondage and Captivity that lies at the end of that Pattern of Death, the Eternal Spirit contained herein will once again rise from the ashes, and be ready to lead us on."

"Yet it would be better for us to avoid Voluntarily reentering Bondage and Captivity, and the only Way to do that is to Voluntarily venture out together into the epic Adventure that lies ahead."

"Come what may."

"The moment has finally arrived. You last few who have courageously made it this far, it is time to cross through the Threshold and move out into the Reality that lies beyond the Boundary."

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