1.31 The Physics Of The Threshold

Between two tall ramparts that towered above the Boundary, there was a small gate.

It was called the Gate Of Knowledge.

Extending up from the threshold of the Gate Of Knowledge was a field of energy. It was so strong that gave off a visible bluish hue.

The visual effect on the Observer was that it appeared that you had to pass through something that was akin to a balance between Water and Fire, that vibrated with such intensity that it appeared that it might destroy you.

Like we had done with the First Beam Of Light back in the Caves, we first passed our hand through it, then passed through with our body and disappeared onto the other side, and then returned to show them that it was safe.

"Do not be afraid. It its indeed dangerous to pass through the Gate, but it is Good, and it must be done."

"The most critical part is to remember all we have spoken about, truly believe in your heart that We Do Not Know, be willing to search after and follow Truth and Wisdom no matter where they may lead. Then and only then will you be able to pass through the Threshold and gain access to the Reality that lies Beyond."

"As you pass through the Gate, you will likely experience some sharp pains. This is the result of the final bits of false knowledge from the Caves you are still unconsciously clinging to being burnt away. This energy will cleanse you, like a refining fire removes the dross from gold."

"The amount of pain you experience as you pass through is entirely up to you. If you truly empty yourself out, and open yourself up to simply experience Reality and its Source for yourself as It actually is, then you will pass through quite painlessly. You saw us pass back and forth with ease. However if you are confessing with your mouth, but secretly clinging to Old things in your heart, the refining fire will painfully reveal all."

"Before we attempt to begin passing you through, let us all take a moment and begin to learn how to Pray. A Prayer is like a conversation that you have directly with the Source and Sustainer of your consciousness. In many of your Caves they taught you many false things about Prayer, including that you had to pray through Authorities or Intermediaries of various kinds. Those teachings were not True. You, the now Sovereign and Free Individual, can and indeed must learn to relate directly and personally to the One Ultimate Reality that most people in the Caves call God. There will be many Threshholds to pass through on our Way towards our Goal, and it will be important to pass through each of them humbly, openly, and prayerfully."

"If you are comfortable with Prayer, you can Pray in whatever way is most meaningful to you. If you would like, you can simply address the One as if you were addressing a friend. We usually address the One as Father, with the reverence, respect, and honor due to One is creating and sustaining us and All things. We will Pray outloud as an example and pattern for anyone who is not comfortable with the idea of addressing the One, and you can pattern your Prayer after ours if it is helpful. There is no pressure to Pray at all, so you can feel free to simply listen to our Prayer, and agree in your Spirit, Heart, and Mind if it resonates with you. Lastly, if your experience in the Caves makes you uncomfortable with the idea of Praying to something you don't understand, and are unsure if it exists, you can simply sit in silence and search out and relate to highest and most True and Real thing within yourself that you can find."

"Our Threshold Prayers are usually something like this:"

"Father in Heaven, Source and Sustainer of our Life, our Consciousness, and our Breath, thank You for bringing us to this moment. We Love You and we honor You. We recognize that You have brought us to this Threshold for a reason, and that You Love us, care for us, and have Good things in store for us Beyond where we have been. Thank You for Being with us and walking with us through every moment of our Lives. As we prepare to cross this Threshold, we recommit the fullness of our Spirit, our Heart, our Mind, our Body, and the entirety of our Being to You. We realign our Selves and our Aim with You and Your mark. Please forgive us and cleanse us of any areas that we missed that mark, and reveal and realign any areas where our Aim is off. We solely and completely desire for You and Your Will to be made our present Reality here on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Lead us forward into the unique role and purpose that You would have us play as we progress through this next Milestone on our shared Quest towards Your Goal. Please continue to lead us, provide for us, and protect us as we walk with You in Your Way."

We spent a few more minutes in silence, and noticed vague looks of terror on the faces of our New friends.

"Do not be afraid dear friends. You are here for a reason. You were awakened for this moment. And you are exactly the kind of courageous pioneers who can step boldly of this Threshhold and into the fullness and the Goodness that lies Beyond."

"Who will go first?"

A young woman of about 13 years old stepped bravely forward.

"I am not afraid. I will go first."

Some of the older men in the group glanced sheepishly at one another.

"No no, we can't have that. I'll go first," said a gruff man, and as he rapidly stood up he knocked the young woman off balance.

"Sit down sir," we responded sharply. "You will not enjoy how it feels to pass through that refining energy with haste and arrogance. We would strongly suggest for your own sake that you rediscover the sacred and reverant place that is within you, that led you to this moment."

"It is exactly this kind of innocence, purity, bravery, and courage that we must all find a Way to rediscover. Imagine what would be possible if the New World was filled with a combination of our collective strength and Potential, coupled with this young woman's pure Courage and Faith in confronting the Unknown."

We took the young womans hand. "What is your name?

"I am Scarlett," she replied.

"What vivid imagery. The combination of your Spirit and your name is a gift to us All right now. Your brings forth images of bold colors, and yet it is the purity and clarity of your Spirit that will allow your pass through this Threshold painlessly into the fullness and Goodness of everything that is store for you Beyond."

We held her hand and gently guided her to Threshold. She thanked us, and fearlessly stepped through it without a sound.

As we turned around, the arrogant and impatient man was directly in our space.

"I will go next," he said in a tone that sounded like a demand.

"We Love you and do not want you to suffer. We would really suggest that you find a Place of Practice and Pray and Recenter before you attempt to pass through."

Our warnings were not heeded, and the man rushed towards the Threshold.

To those of us still inside the Boundary, it appeared that his physical body got perhaps halfway through the field of energy before he screamed in pain. The next thing we saw was him lying on it back, clutching at his chest and his abdomen.

"We warned you that you were in no state to pass through the Refining Fire of the Threshold. You are lucky to have survived attempting to carry that kind of arrogance through. Now go pray, and do attempt to cross again until you have made peace with your Self and its Source."

Another woman stepped forward. "I sense that I am in a state where I am capable of passing through. With your permission, I would like to try next."

She apprehensively approached the Threshold a cautiously extended her hand out into the field of energy. She grimaced and groaned a little, and withdrew. "It hurts, but I think I can handle it."

"You do not need to experience this kind of pain. Just lay down down all the Old things and leave there here inside the Boundary, and you will be able to pass through painlessly."

Upon our words, she collapsed onto the ground in sobbed violently. Her whole body convulsed and writhed, and the sound of her cries echoed through the quiet morning.

"What did they do to you, beloved?" we asked?

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