1.13 First Light

As we progressed, we had to force our Selves to remember.

It is hard to imagine what sunlight might look like to a grown person who had never seen anything more than the faint flickers of light from distant fires.

We had promised the first few that once enough people had joined the procession and the Great Movement was started, we would meet them at the mouth of the caves to lead them out towards the Boundary.

We sailed along the procession and up to the front of the line, where we greeted them first few with a warm embrace.

The timing was perfect.

As rounded one of the final turns in the complex of caverns, a ray of light was piercing through a small crack in the ground above, its narrow band of beams radiating through the darkness.

The pilgrim in the front stumbed backward in fear, knocking over the two people behind him.

"Do not be afraid", we calmly reassured him.

We passed our arm through the beam of light to show them that it would not hurt them.

Just as we supected, the first person then reluctantly approached the light, put their arm through it, and lit up with joy.

"It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!" he exclaimed.

"Just wait until you get outside."

"What is an outside?", he asked?

From our own experience, we had understood that after a lifetime in the caves, and entirely new landscape of Word Tools and Meaning would need to be explored.

"You will soon see for yourself" we replied.

"The Authorities are growing more angry. They are organizing and amassing. We should continue on. We are almost to the mouth of the Meta Cave, and to Freedom. If we can just get these first few out beyond the Boundary, Our Plan will be on track. We must not be stopped before then!"

As we moved on, each person in the procession introduced the joy of the Light to the person behind them, put them arm through the beam to show them that it would not hurt them, and ventured on.

This was an interesting pattern. One, showed 1, showed 2, showed 3, showed 5, showed 8, showed 13, showed 144... and then the rest followed.

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