12. The Lionsberg Structure - Fostering Emergence and Right Relationship Between One and All

In Lionsberg, the community is structured around the principle of right relationship between One and All, with each fractal individual, organization, group, and community structuring itself in the wise right way to meet the needs, solve the problems, and fulfill the functions at hand, while remaining interoperable with the Whole. This means that the community is composed of independently structured individual citizens, families, groups, organizations, and communities that work together in a collaborative and interdependent way towards a common Goal, which is the well-being and development of all life and consciousness, and the flourishing of the planet.

The Lionsberg structure is designed to foster strong relationships and connections between individuals and groups at all levels of society. At the individual level, citizens are encouraged to cultivate a deep understanding and connection with themselves, their communities, and the natural world. At the family level, families are supported in their efforts to create healthy and nurturing relationships that promote the growth and development of all family members. At the group and organizational level, Lionsberg promotes the formation of diverse and autonomous entities, each fulfilling a unique role, while sharing the common goal of co-creating a thriving community and world, and meaningfully contributing back to the shared infrastructure, services, and support that support the flourishing of All.

The Lionsberg structure is also characterized by a nested hierarchy of values and domains of responsibility and authority, which ensures that every individual and group understands their role, purpose, and priorities within the larger context of the community, the Living System, and The Future we are advancing towards.

At the same time, the Lionsberg structure is designed to be flexible, adaptive, and responsive to the changing needs and conditions of the community and the Living System. It encourages the emergence of new ideas, initiatives, and forms of collaboration, while also providing a stable and supportive foundation for ongoing progress towards The Goal.

Level 0: One

At the highest level, Lionsberg is structured around the Central Organizing Relationship of the One Thing that unites us All.

This gives rise to the Lionsberg Motto: **One Citizenship, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

Level 1: Myth

At the next level of abstraction, Lionsberg is structured as a transcendent myth, reflected in The Story of Lionsberg.

Level 2: Voluntary Association

At the next level down, Lionsberg is structured as a voluntary association among sovereign and autonomous individuals, families, organizations, communities, tribes, and nations, committed to helping one another advance towards our shared Goals and Values in partnership with God and One Another.

Level 3: Levels of Participation

The Voluntary Association and The Movement is then structured into 6 Levels of Participation: Observers, Supporters, Participants, Members, Citizens, and Stewards

Level 4: Domains of Responsibility and Authority

Sovereign and autonomous participants self-organize according to Domains of Responsibility and Authority, each self-governed by a Field of Agreements. Participants can participate in various Domains on the basis of Voluntary Consent and Reciprocity between the members of the Domain and the Participant.

All of the levels above happen before any legal structure, and exist purely on the basis of voluntary collaboration, social structure, and self-governance. This is critical to protect the Sovereignty and Independence of the Meta Idea and the Individuals collaborating towards it. All structural elements are merely tools, purpose-built to evolve and transform over time.

Level 5: Legal Commons and Infrastructure

From time to time, in various domains, the community will need to instantiate various forms of legal infrastructure to interface with the existing systems, and accomplish its various goals.

To facilitate the emergence of The Game and The Community, a Provisional Structure has been established as a shared legal commons to serve and empower Participants. This is a starting point and Prototype for Continuous Improvement. It enables the community to interface with the systems of the Old World in a legally compliant Way, while protecting and preserving the integrity, sovereignty, and autonomy of each Participant.

Overall, the Lionsberg structure is designed to promote strong relationships, meaningful connections, and effective collaboration among individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities towards the shared goal of co-creating a more just, regenerative, and flourishing world for All generations of life. As The Game and The Movement unfold, structures similar to the Provisional Structure will emerge around the world to facilitate the emergence of the Lionsberg Pattern Language in various Domains.

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