Provisional Structure

For more information on the inception of the Lionsberg | Meta Project Structure, see Background and Context in the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide.

Here is a 30 minute introductory discussion from its creators:

For a consolidated visual diagram, please see the embedded PDF below.

Core Concepts:

  1. At the deepest level, Lionsberg and the Meta Project are reflections of a Meta Idea we are trying to bring into reality.
  2. One level up from Meta Idea is the voluntary association / community of individuals around the world working together towards this end.
  3. One level up from individuals are those individuals and organizations formally engaged in Federating.

All of the levels above happen before any legal structure, and exist purely on the basis of voluntary collaboration, social structure, and governance structure. This is critical to protect the Sovereignty and Independence of the Meta Idea and the Individuals collaborating. All structural elements are merely tools.

  1. From time to time, in various domains, the Meta Community will need to instantiate various forms of legal infrastructure to interface with the existing systems, and accomplish its various goals.
  2. The diagram below illustrates the configuration of the first set of legal instantiations. The core infrastructure elements are already in existence. These include the red boxes (related to the non-profit) and the dark blue boxes (related to for-profit entities).
  3. The Community will need to establish and federate conceptually similar structures around the world, and connect those structures together at the mycelial level to allow for the free exchange of resources and information.

This is a starting point and Prototype for Continuous Improvement.

The Lionsberg System is designed to work as a Whole - this structure is purpose-built to protect the DNA and Processes that are bringing intention into reality.

The Process elements are being outlined in the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide, and will be subsequently clarified in the Lionsberg Plans and Specifications.

See Lionsberg System for other elements beyond the Provisional Structure.

For a higher resolution PDF of the Image below: Lionsberg Diagram 8-15-22.pdf

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