Provisional Structure

For more information on the inception of the Lionsberg / Meta Project Structure, see the Lionsberg Wiki Books and Lionsberg Summary.

Simply, it is designed and built as a New Human Operating System and Structure, whose short term aim during the 10 Year Grand Strategy is to invite all humanity to take up an equal, New, and Higher Order Citizenship in the Best Possible Future we can co-create in partnership the One and All.

Here is a 30 minute introductory discussion:

For a consolidated visual diagram, please see the embedded PDF below.

Core Concepts:

  1. At the deepest level, Lionsberg exists as a Spiritual Body, co-creating in service of One and All; the Creator and All Creation.
  2. The Meta Project and The Grand Collaboration are examples of Word Tools that point towards the overarching and uniting spiritual and moral imperative to Progressively Realize (Creator's Intent / Heaven On Earth).
  3. One level up from the overarching and uniting Spirit / Intention / Goal is the overarching and uniting Voluntary Association of individuals around the world co-operating together towards The Goal - we often simply refer to this as Lionsberg, or The Lionsberg Alliance.
    1. This Association of Associations is inherently and by definition supranational and prior to any human or political authority. It and all its constituent / fractal elements are eternally free to self-organize and self-govern on the basis of the inalienable universal right to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Spirituality / Religion. While transcending legal categorization inherently and by definition, it is tax exempt under domain-specific codes such as US 6033(a)(3)(A)(i) relating to Private Ecclesiastical Voluntary Membership Association (PEVMA).
  4. One level up from individuals are Sovereign and Autonomous Teams, Groups, and Communities. Each is considered a Private Ecclesiastical Voluntary Membership Association (PEVMA) by default unless otherwise organized and differentiated.
  5. The Lionsberg Manifesto, Lionsberg Constitution and other foundational writings such as the Lionsberg Wiki Books help hold the space for this higher order, omniconsiderate, covenantal relationship among Citizens of goodwill.
  6. The Lionsberg System is designed to invite and empower each human to voluntarily take up an equal New Citizenship in the New Association and New Era we are co-creating, and to collaborate to regenerate and transform our lives, our world, and our way of being within a single generation.

All of the levels above happen before any legal structure, and exist purely on the basis of Spiritual Unity and voluntary association, collaboration, culture, social structure, and governance structure. This transcendent understanding of our Divine Right and Responsibility to Self-Organize and Self-Govern as a Tribe of Tribes / Group of Groups is critical to protect the Sovereignty and Independence of the Individuals collaborating, and ensure that there is no overly-centralized node or dependency, that if attacked or compromised, can bring down the Whole. All following and future structural elements are merely tools and supports for the Sovereignties co-operating them.

  1. From time to time, in the various SpatioTemporal Domains of this planet and beyond, Lionsberg will instantiate various forms of legal and governance infrastructure to interface with the various existing political systems, and accomplish its various goals.
  2. Drawing on examples such as Mondragon and the United States, these legal instantiations will be blended ecosystems / federations of the for-profit and non-profit entities required for each bioregion / locality to flourish.
  3. To support this emergence, The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan calls for the co-creation of ~100,000 local socioeconomic federations / ecosystems, each serving ~100,000 citizens, and co-operating around The Commons and the New Human Operating System, enabling ecosystemic resource and knowledge flows across the Federation.
  4. These local ecosystems will self-organize and federate into self-governing Bioregions, which in turn will self-organize and federate into Georegions and then up into The Whole.
  5. To support the emergence of these federations, The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan calls for reallocating ~2/3 of the $30 Trillion in planned military and defense expenditures during the 10 Year Grand Strategy to instead co-create an interlinked network of Lionsberg Instantiation Hubs:
    1. ~12 to 24 Georegional Hubs
    2. ~150 to 200 Bioregional Hubs
    3. ~100,000 Local Hubs
    4. ~1,000,000 Community Hubs
  6. Each fractal hub, commons, organization, and federation will be Self-Governing, Self-Sustaining, and Self-Replicating, and will choose its own locally and culturally appropriate legal instances that most faithfully reflect the Vision, Principles, and Values in that specific domain. Each of these will be considered by default a Private Ecclesiastical Voluntary Membership Association (PEVMA) unless otherwise self-organized.
  7. The diagram below illustrates the configuration of the first legal instantiation planted in the United States to support the emergence of The Federation.
  8. This provisional structure was designed and built to enable the first substantial ecosystemic resource flows around the world, through which the full ecosystem will emerge and instantiate itself in all localities that voluntarily so choose during the 10 Year Grand Strategy and Beyond.
  9. The Community will establish and federate conceptually similar yet culturally-and-contextually-appropriate structures polycentrically around the planet, connected together at the mycelial level to allow for the Voluntary Exchange of resources, information, and ideas between all fractal levels and localities.

This structure is designed for Rapid Prototyping and Continuous Improvement.

The Lionsberg System is designed to enable The Whole to co-operate as One Body. The Provisional Structure is purpose-built to protect the DNA, Processes, and Pattern Language of the Golden Seed / Divine Blueprints.

For summarized learnings from Mondragon that helped inform key elements of the conceptual structure and design, see The Prophesy of Mondragon.

For a higher resolution PDF of the Image below: Lionsberg Diagram 8-15-22.pdf

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