Above The Chaos, The 10 Year Movement, Grand Strategy, and the Greatest Celebration in History

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.04.24 (updated 2024.05.30)

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Good Morning Esteemed Co-Creators,

Somehow now, with more of the Wise Right People engaged (Lionsberg Co-Creators), The Future and the Path we have been discussing becomes easier to Imagine.

Imagining something is crucial to developing Shared Vision. Shared Vision is crucial to our survival and success.

In Pass The Flame - Illuminating the Way Beyond the Meta Crisis, we told the opening story of humanity, asleep, enslaved, and brainwashed within The Caves of the Old World. We discovered how if just a few of us found one another and could set our spiritual candles aflame, standing together we would already begin to dispel the Darkness and see the Vision.

We got a sense of the inexhaustibility of those spiritual flames of Light, Hope, Freedom, and Inspiration, and how, if each of us could find just one other awakening person a week to Pass The Flame to, we could rapidly Illuminate The Darkness and Walk One Another Home towards The Promised Land.

But how might we accelerate the rate at which we begin to Awaken and Move humanity towards Life, Liberty, and Abundance beyond the narrow paradigms that progressively divided and conquered us throughout the last generations?

In The Prophesy of Mondragon, we described how the Lionsberg System was created to enable a vibrant economic experiment provisioning 100,000 empowered co-creators to be strengthened and replicated 100,000 times around the world to forge a flourishing, abundant, and free New Economy for humanity composed of Self-Governing, Self-Sustaining, and Self-Replicating Groups and Teams.

In my recent conversations with Rick Lukens, international director of the Live Aid concert that reached billions of people around the world, we learned of the miracles that happened along the Way as one of the largest cultural events in history materialized in just 6 weeks and reached out to touch ~40% of the human population.

We discussed how over $100 million was raised, and how the call centers estimated they handled just 15% of the volume trying to connect.

We have been discussing how we can collaborate to build on that experience, inviting some of the leading cultural figures of our time into a historic tour to touch the hearts and minds of billions around the world, setting billions of dollars in Flow.

Live Aid Finale - We Are The World (Video)

The creative minds responsible for the experiential technology that enabled The Sphere to be designed and built in Las Vegas stand ready to help realize immersive interlinked experiences around the world that would help localities not only understand the patterns and way the world has been, but dream together and imagine the Way it could be, while forging the strategy and plans to bring Vision into Reality.

We imagine that these Domes and Geoscopes will be key features of the Bioregional Hubs established to strengthen and support communities around the world.

We are discussing the potential of co-creating a Mission Control / Earth Situation Center at Fort Townsend in Washington, as a flagship example that could be replicated at Bioregional Hubs around the world.

These projects would be interlinked and illuminated by the Precision Measurement and Living Systems Data Project and Geoscope Project we are conceiving with George Orbelian, Joshua Pang, and the Buckminster Fuller legacy.

The Living Systems Data Project will help make possible a New Paradigm of Regenerative Insurance and Finance, ensuring that our collective inheritance of resources we steward on behalf all future generations can only flow to projects that are fundamentally regenerative in nature.

The Commons with gather up and house our collective inheritance of wisdom, knowledge, science, technology and ideas. The Prototype will integrate the leading solutions to the General Needs facing humanity into an interoperable Kit of Parts, that can be prioritized, localized, and adapted to help local communities meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals and aspirations present in any locality.

The Bioregional Hubs will house shared services, infrastructure, tools and support to empower the progressive articulation and realization of a localized, adapted, and aligned Vision, Strategy, and Plans to enable the local fulfillment of the overarching and uniting New Vision and Plan for the future of humanity, our planet, and Beyond.

This will help create equal access to the total set of requisite resources, tools, and support required for any locality to develop towards the fullness of its potential and flourish in harmony, and which are difficult for any locality to afford in isolation.

We are beginning to get the right minds coalesced around how we radically decentralize and transform governance and authority on Earth, and the possibility of sweeping the executive branch of the United States with Vision and Values Aligned gubernatorial and presidential candidates in 2024, as an opening step towards gaining access to the constitutional amendment mechanisms by early 2027.

Success on this front would significantly mitigate a number of existential threats.

We are beginning to make the right connections around the movie series, documentary series, interviews, and Stories of Transformation that need to be illuminated and spread as The Movement towards The Goal advances.

We are beginning to shoot early foundational footage to begin to empower The Movement to spread The Story.

Zachary Marlow and Jordan Nicholas Raw Footage- Take One

We are laying the framework for a series of historic Citizen Led Joint Ventures to clean up the most polluted sites around the world, stop the toxic pollution of our air, water, and soil at their sources, and transform the landfills that blight our landscapes and poison our groundwater into sources of energy and materials to fuel the reconstruction and regeneration of our communities and our world.

We are examining how we can continuously improve and advance the Lionsberg Provisional Structure that enables every human being on Earth to take up an equal Citizenship in The Commons and the New Era we are co-creating over the course of the 10 Year Grand Strategy.

This promises to connect and empower every human being on earth, for the first time in history, with equal access to a lifelong journey of learning and development towards the fullness of their unique potential, while shattering the paywalls and obstacles that separate citizens around the world from their Collective Inheritance and Collective Intelligence.

We are in dialogue about a future of education and lifelong learning that can be localized and adapted to the wisdom, principles, and values cherished by each tribe, culture, and community.

Which brings us to looking ahead towards planning the greatest Celebration and Jubilee in human history no later the Spring Equinox of 2024 to celebrate the completion of the 10 Year Grand Strategy, as we usher in the New Era.

Standing together, in Unity, as One Body, All Good Things Become Possible.

We can now see that we are not alone, and that lifetimes of work and preparation from individuals around the world can coalesce into possibility and potential beyond our wildest dreams. None of us can do this in isolation. It is time to arise and unite, as One.


  1. Last 7 years: governance, legal, systems, technology, and network foundations; tech testing with ~400+ groups in ~50+ countries.
  2. March to June 2024: Complete the first 8 to 10 Lionsberg Cycles of Growth, identifying and onboarding the first 55 to 144 Lionsberg Co-Creators.
  3. June: Respond to the Kogi and other first nations with The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan to heal and generate society and the earth.
  4. Early July: Convene the first Quarterly Summit; 10 to 30 individuals sync on the 10 Year Grand Strategy, initiate the System Wide Master Planning Process, and pull-plan Q3 objectives
  5. July – September: Complete the next several cycles of growth, identifying and orienting representatives from each bioregion and critical domain, and forging a functioning cabinet / executive function prior to the first Lionsberg General Assembly in late September.
    1. Cycle 11: 233 Co-Creators
    2. Cycle 12: 377 Co-Creators
    3. Cycle 13: 610 Co-Creators
    4. Cycle 14: 987 Co-Creators (0.00001%)
    5. Cycle 15: 1,597 Co-Creators
  6. Late September: First General Assembly, ~ 140 to 400 representatives from bioregions / tribes / nations. Ratify The Grand Strategy and The Governance System for The Grand Collaboration
  7. October: Massive planetary scale outreach / awareness (Rick Lukens et al, drawing on Live Aid for inspiration)
  8. November: Sweep an independent candidate, cabinet, and aligned governors into office in the US. Write in candidate with front and back end citizen-led auditing / quality assurance process.
  9. 2025 and beyond – 10 year grand strategy to heal and regenerate society and the planet. If one of “Us” is in the executive function in the US, it makes the path a LOT easier. And it is entirely possible.

Everyone's Most Important Job

The Reality we will inherit will be precisely consistent with the Means we use to Co-Create it.

Therefore the only Way towards The Goal is to Embody And Enact the Pattern Language of the New World we are Co-Creating.

Our most important job is to Embody the Way, and Pass The Flame.

We will know The Flame has been successfully passed when each new co-creator:

  1. Accepts The Invitation to Join The Movement
  2. Forges or Joins a Group / Team
  3. Initiates a Quarterly Quest
  4. Contributes - Time / Energy / Resources / Relationships
  5. Passes The Flame to the next Wise Right Individual

For additional guidance, see the The Lionsberg Co-Creator Handbook