Above The Chaos, Invitation To The Great Game of Lionsberg

Esteemed Friends,

Having returned from a trip to Egypt and Israel to meet with allies and finish preparing / transforming, it is now time to Enact The Plan.

Where We Are In The Story

Over the last centuries, humanity has made great and tragic progress.

Yet we now find ourselves accelerating towards a great Chasm. It is apparent that our present trajectory will actually lead us to ruin. The institutions we looked to for leadership and Wisdom in the past have revealed themselves to be corrupted, willfully blind, failing, and incapable of leading us into the future.

We are at the moment in the Story where, in this decade, humanity will either arise and unite to escape its present trajectory towards ruin and leap across the Chasm into a New and Good Time and Space...

...or descend off the cliff into the Chaos, Darkness, and Suffering that lies that the end of our present Logic.

There are millions of heroic individuals around the world awaking and arising to meet this moment in the Story.

Yet struggling isolation, we are All on a pathway towards inevitable Failure.

An Invitation And Proposal

Over the last 5 years, we have synthesized lifetimes of preparation into a Vision, Plan, Structure, Story, and Game to empower humanity arise and unite to meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals inherent in this critical moment in the universal Story.

The Great Table has been prepared, 170 organizations in 17 countries have already adopted and tested the external side of the platform, and plans have been reviewed by dozens of people over the last months. It is time to commence the movement / game.

You are hereby invited to Play.

My proposal is that we, as a human species 8 billion strong, dedicate 1/10th of our available Flow of Energy and Resources to learn to play a New Game together for the good of All Generations of Life before it is too late. It is a small sacrifice, that everyone can afford, that has the Potential to change the course of human history and usher in the greatest period of purpose, meaning, and abundance the world has ever known.

Recognizing that is big lift, and it will take some time and trust to get there, we will start with a basic standard of transparency and reciprocity that will allow us to come into relationship, and move towards greater collaboration and coordination over time.


We Envision a New Game, guided by the Spirit of Truth and Love, in which a distributed global network of Sovereign, Autonomous, and Self Governing Groups Help One Another make Individual And Local Progress towards our overarching and uniting Universal Goals and Values.

We Envision Co-Creating a New World in which All things Help One Another rise towards the fullness of their unique Potential, and Flourish in Harmony.

We Envision All tribes and peoples voluntarily rising into a Higher Order Functional Unity that is actually capable of meeting the needs, solving the problems, and capturing the opportunities inherent in this critical moment in The Great Story of the human species aboard Planet Earth.

We Envision Co-Creating a Flourishing and Abundant world that works for us All, across All Generations of Life, Time, and Space.

And we Envision accomplishing it within this generation, and passing the baton.


Our Current Best Understanding is that the only mechanisms available to us that can scale out to the size required, in the time required, are Story and Play.

Therefore we have created a Mythical Story big enough to contextualize and encompass us All, a universal and eternal Game big enough for us All to play, and a sophisticated enough platform and data model to empower and align the efforts of billions of Self Governing Small Groups.

The end result is not ephemeral - it is actually a New World composed of 8 billion realigned human beings working together to make our reality A Little Better Every Day.


We have spent the last 5 years synthesizing together lifetimes of infrastructure, technology, language, story, platform, and a Total Nested Hierarchy of Conditions we thought might be required for this to work.

The infrastructure has been vetted and tested by ~170+ Impact Organizations in 17 countries over the last 12 months.

Tipping Point Strategy

We are now embarking on a tipping point strategy of progressively onboarding a billion small groups, effectively encompassing all of humanity, within 7 years.

This is possible if just 3 to 12 small groups begin learning How To Play The Game in Q4 2022, and The Game expands itself along the Golden Ratio of 62% every 4 to 6 weeks for 7 years.

This strategy, if successful, will result in an invitation being extended to all 8 billion humans, by someone they love and trust, to forge or join a small group that can help them progress towards the fullness of their unique potential and flourish in a harmonious and properly ordered society.

Welcome To The Great Game Of Lionsberg

We have spent the last 5 years synthesizing lifetimes of preparation into a complete System / Ark to help humanity and the Living System escape its current bondage to a corrupted and failing Old System, cross the Chasm, and Progress towards a New World that can be superior in every way to the Old World we are leaving behind.

It is not possible to explain how the entire System works, so we have simplified it all into a Game so simple that any family can play, and yet so powerful that as we learn to play it together, we will actually be elevating, transforming, and regenerating our lives and our world.

Welcome to The Great Game of Lionsberg.

How It Works

The Great Game is rooted in a tipping point strategy to connect and empower small groups to make Individual And Local Progress towards our overarching and uniting Universal Goals and Values.

Any group of at least 3 qualifies as a Small Group. Small Groups are the basic units of The Game.

Individuals Organize and Federate into Small Groups to Help One Another Progress, and accomplish things that individuals cannot accomplish in isolation.

Small Groups in turn Organize and Federate into Groups Of Groups to Help One Another Progress, and accomplish things that Small Groups cannot accomplish in isolation.

Every Small Group is Sovereign and Autonomous and focuses 90% of its available Flow of Energy and Resources on meeting needs, solving problems, and accomplishing goals in its own unique locality / niche.

Every Small Group contributes 10% of its available Flow of Energy and Resources to continuously improving the shared Platform / Ecosystem of resources and solutions available to All. This ecosystem work is coordinated by a small Core Enterprise operating in service to the entire Group Of Groups.

In exchange for contributing 10% of its Energy and Resources to the Whole, each group gains access to the total set of continuously improving solutions, resources, and Value being co-created by the entire ecosystem.

As Small Groups choose an Aim and Progress towards The Goal, they report out on the progress, opportunities and needs at hand, which the Core Group then prioritizes and incorporates into the Road Map and System Wide Master Plan.

Objective Of The Game

The objective of The Great Game is for each Group to Progress towards The Goal, by helping All others do the same.

The Goal is to help life develop towards the fullness of its potential and flourish in harmony.

This requires accomplishing the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals and solving the Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues by co-creating the Total Nested Hierarchy of Conditions in which that can occur.

Progress is made in Small Groups of 3 to 20 people.

The near term Aim is to connect and empower one billion Sovereign and Autonomous small groups within 7 years.

From that Milestone, every other Good Goal humanity could imagine becomes imminently possible.

Every Story A Prophesy - Movement Building

As Small Groups make Local progress towards our Universal Goals, we will aggregate up and report out to One and All on the total Progress and Value being co-created.

Each story of hope, transformation, and progress will become a prophesy of even greater things to come in the future as the movement grows, and can fuel the inspiration and crowd funding that powers the movement.

What Becomes Possible If This Succeeds

When this succeeds, for this first time in history all humanity and the entire Living System will be liberated to govern itself in service of and right relationship to One and All.

When All of us are connected to a shared Platform of resources and solutions that empowers us All to Help One Another develop towards the fullness of our Potential and flourish in harmony, we will be in a world that is becoming more Perfect every day because we are All working together to make it so.

This plan, enacted immediately, makes it possible for humanity to avoid a descent into the Chasm of Chaos and Suffering by voluntarily leaping forward into a Higher Order Functional Unity that is actually capable of meeting the needs, solving the problems, and accomplishing the goals inherent in this millennium.

What Is At Stake If This Fails

If this fails, there is a non-zero probability, and perhaps likelihood, that the collapse of the corrupted and failing Old System will cause a general descent into Chaos and Suffering that could take many generations to recover from.

A house divided against itself cannot stand, and the nations and peoples of the world are currently divided against one another. The Old System is creaking and groaning.


The shared universal sense seems to be that this decade may be our last chance to voluntarily choose what comes next.

Therefore, we are setting a timeline of 7 years to invite All humanity into the New Story and the New Game.

7 Years is approximately 2,555 days. Wednesday, November 16, 2022 is Day 1. The clock starts ticking tomorrow.

Who Is Invited?

The Spirit of absolute and unconditional Love extends out to All, equally and without exception.

This is an open invitation to everyone who is willing to play by the Rules Of The Game, strive towards the Universal Goals and Values, and Help And Not Harm others as we All progress together away from Suffering and towards The Goal.

Our Aim is to ensure that All our loved ones have the opportunity to self-organize into small groups that can communicate and Help One Another, come what may.

The Cost Of The Game

The Game is free to any group that wants to play.

To Sustain the Game, all groups must commit to allocate some percentage of the Flow of energy and resources available to them to the continuously improving Core / Ecosystem.

Full System Membership requires 10% contribution. To begin, groups can select any value above 3% they feel is fair and reciprocal.

In return, each group receives access to the entire set of continuously improving resources and solutions available to All.

Duration Of The Game

The Game is designed to get A Little Better Every Day, eternally. Each generation plays The Game, improves it, and passes the baton.

If it even begins to work a little bit, The Game will become will likely become the most valuable thing on earth, and every being on earth will have an equal stake in it and an equal incentive to make sure The Game continues to get a little better every day, forever.

Progress To Date

This is not a whim. This is actually the single most thoroughly vetted and thought through program of action we have come across.

The external facing side of the platform has already been adopted and tested by over 170 different impact organizations in 17 countries, and a variety of individuals, organizations, and projects are beginning to connect.

Bridge Funding

This strategy will ultimately set billions of dollars in Flow, and the be self-sustaining based on crowd-funding and the internal 1/10th of resources that will be dedicated to continuously improving the Quality of the platform, ecosystem, and community.

Getting there will require a few years of runway to scale up. Although we have constructed a plan that can be accomplished independently of any external resources, the 7 year constraint and urgency of the global situation impels us to seek $5M to $20M in bridge funding to create the runway and secure the Time and Focus of the top talent we have engaged. This is a broad range that governs the speed at which a multi-billion dollar program of action can be sparked.