An Individual is a single, unique Being.

The Lionsberg System is rooted first in the Sovereignty, Autonomy, Authority, and Voluntary Association among Individuals.

Individuals inalienably possess all of their inherent Rights And Responsibilities.

Individuals are regarded as:

  1. Sovereign
  2. Autonomous
  3. Free
  4. Conscious Agents

Each Individual should do their best to Co-Operate an Individual Instance of the Lionsberg System to help them discover and achieve the fullness of their unique Potential while advancing towards their Aim.

The Individual Instance is critical to ensuring that the Whole has Integrity, as a result of the Core System Components co-operating at every Fractal level.

In general, Individuals:

  • Have a defined Aim / Goal
  • Have responsibility and authority in a Domain
  • Participate in one or more Groups
  • Have one or more defined Roles
  • Process and Solve Issues
  • Make decisions based on Discernment and Consent

To accomplish things they cannot do on their own, Individuals Organize and Federate into Groups and Communities.