An Individual is a single, unique Being.

The Lionsberg System is rooted first in the Sovereignty, Autonomy, Authority, and Voluntary Association among Individuals.

Individuals inalienably possess all inherent Rights And Responsibilities.

Individuals are regarded as:

  1. Sovereign
  2. Autonomous
  3. Free
  4. Conscious Agents

To establish The Movement, Individuals, of their own Free Will, voluntary come into resonance and coherence, and accept The Invitation.

Individuals self-organize into First Degree Groups of 3 to 16 individuals.

Groups organize and federate into Groups of Groups / Teams of Teams to tackle larger goals, cover more ground, or Steward larger Domains.

The Lionsberg System, co-operating at each Fractal level, enables the Diverse Whole to Move as One.

In general, Individuals:

  • Have a defined Purpose / Aim / Goal
  • Have responsibility and authority in a Domain
  • Participate in one or more Groups
  • Have one or more defined Roles
  • Process and Solve Issues
  • Make decisions based on Discernment and Consent

To accomplish things they cannot do on their own, Individuals Organize and Federate into Groups and Communities.

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