8.64 The Deception And Temptation Of Power And Control

The New World must be organized according to function, domain, and Right Relationship. It must be organized in service to helping Life flourish.

We must structurally overcome the deception and temptation of illegitimate power and control. Though tempting, accumulating and exercising Power Over others is not the Way. Love is the Way. Service is the Way.

Competency is the Way.

Competency must be manifest at the individual level. Competency must be manifest at the collective level. We do not have a choice whether to be functionally capable of meeting the needs and solving the problems that Reality and Life present to us as we navigate on our Quest through them.

This requires Co-Operation. Co-Operation requires intelligent Organization. Intelligent Organization requires Governance. Governance requires the delegation of the power, responsibility and accountability inherent in the Collective to those Individuals and Groups competent to perform the functions necessary for the Whole to succeed and not fail.

In a body, every part needs every other part in order to function at its best and highest level. No one part of the body can say to another part of the body “I am more important than you.” Each part is valuable, yet each part must be properly and functionally unified and ordered so that the Whole can function and Flourish in Harmony.

The opposite of the integrated working of a coordinated and flourishing body of unique and valuable parts, each fulfilling a unique and valuable function, is an extractive hierarchy based on unearned Power and Control.

The body is inherently a hierarchy. It has an inherent Order. Yet it is an organic hierarchy of symbiotic and synergetic proper order.

If we were to organize society as a global extractive hierarchy, billions of people would be at the bottom, lost in a sea of anonymity. Even in a large company of a couple thousand people, “employees” grow tired of “being treated like a number.” No one likes to be one of hundreds or thousands of “Engineer II”s, who may someday be “promoted” by the hierarchy to “Engineer III” if they play the meaningless game well enough for the benefit of those at the top.

The mass of billions would inevitably serve a small oligarchy at the top, which would inevitably grow corrupt and begin to place its own interests and perpetuation above the genuine Wellbeing of the Whole.

Because there are so many billions, it would be impossible to run a True and Just Meritocracy, so those will genuine talent and potential would be lost and invisible within the sea of “Employee Consumer Slaves ”.

Those with extra resources or relationships would be the ones who are ‘seen’ and promoted into the oligarchy, where they could be further corrupted by privilege and luxury, which would further shift their loyalty to the pyramid rather than to the mass of peers they had ascended out of.

Once out of the masses and into the hierarchy, they would begin to behave like chickens within a pecking order of the elite. They would compete against and stab in the back those above them in order to advance, while viciously defending their position against those beneath who were trying to knock them off.

Doing the Wise Right Thing for the benefit of the Whole would become secondary to the insidious game of “king of the hill”, which would so preoccupy their time and attention that the people they were supposed to serve would see very little if any assistance from them.

The sea of pyramids and silos would expand into a stifling Bureaucracy, with each pyramid and silo allowing a little person to be a little king of a little hill, with oppressive authority flowing from the top down through the bottom, stifling and suppressing anyone trying to rise.

The more power and wealth the extractive hierarchy gained over time, the more outside forces would attempt to conquer it in order to take over their riches and influence. Therefore the hierarchy would have to raise an army out of the masses to protect it against the aggression of other hierarchies.

Before long, the hierarchy would realize that it could use this army proactively to further increase its wealth and power by exploiting and subordinating its weaker neighbors. Over time, the hierarchy would realize that it could use this army to put down popular protests against the growing Injustice of its Oppressive reign.

Over time it would become a colonial empire with a relative few extremely wealthy and powerful oligarchs ruling over the masses, going to war with the world around it, and drawing in taxes and resources from an increasing number of surrounding pyramids who had pledged allegiance to their flag.

For thousands of years, this classic Playbook of Empire and Oligarchy has continued to battle with the Playbook of Truth, Love, and Justice for supremacy, resulting in the suffering and death of billions.

The atrocities are only symptoms of a deeper fundamental problem, which is that our global empires, oligarchies, and economies, regardless of intent, are manifesting the fruit of the spirit of self-serving exploitation, rather than the spirit of genuine Love, Service, and Elevation of the Earth and All its inhabitants.

All things are not rising as One.

All things MUST rise as One.

This simply requires that every Element must help every other Element rise.

This is the simple Logic of Love.

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