Above The Chaos, Game Plan For March

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.03.02 (updated 2024.03.25)

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Beloved Community,

I have resisted doing this for perhaps far too long in hopes that an array of other, seemingly "better" plans might work. They didn't, but I am still in The Arena, and down to what may be my last shot at The Goal.

I can still see a Way towards The Goal that is completely possible, contains No Dependencies except the voluntary consent of Individuals, and is immediately actionable in here in March.

I need your help, and I invite and welcome you to the Adventure of a lifetime. Don't worry too much about digesting and understanding all that is below. Just feel it with your Spirit and Heart, and if you resonate and want to join me for the adventure of a lifetime, click this link to Join The Movement.


On our shared Quest towards Destiny, our families, communities, tribes, and nations are facing a moment of unprecedented risk and uncertainty. With the Atomic Scientists placing the Doomsday Clock at 90 seconds to midnight, the closest it has ever been to apocalypse, NATO openly planning to send troops to war in Ukraine, Russia promising a nuclear response, the Holy Land aflame, communication and supply lines under attack, famine spreading, environment degrading, currencies inflating, order failing, mass-migration reaching historic levels, and our puppet institutions and their invisible masters revealing ever more of their profound corruption, willful blindness, and dysfunction, a quick glance at the daily news reveals that we are accelerating towards a Future that none of us desires for our selves, our children, or our grandchildren's grandchildren.

The Meta Crisis is now upon us, and for at least the next seven to ten years, society and our world is likely to be highly unstable.

However across the lines that have formerly divided us, we are progressively realizing that none of us like how things are going, and that aside from those suffering at the extremes for an array of reasons, the vast majority of Us long for the same kind of a world. All Creation is crying out for the same thing.

The Vision and Values so many of us share are reflective of and united by a Spirit that is beckoning us back towards Unity through Love.

Towards Heaven or Hell on Earth

When Complex Adaptive Systems, such as Society or Nature, are pushed to the brink, two outcomes are possible.

One is a Collapse into Chaos, which is often the Default Trajectory.

However it is also possible for the System of Systems to re-organize and leap forward into a Higher Order state of being, which retains all the best aspects of the previous Order, while adding in significant new capabilities that enable it to contend with the new forces, conditions, challenges, and goals at hand.

This kind of a Quantum Leap or Phase Shift towards something Better and Higher is an amazing possibility, that only exists prior to Collapse. Right now, the window is open to us. It is not obvious, and perhaps even unlikely, that it will remain open for another 12 or 24 months. This means that we have to move, together, now.

It appears to me that we are accelerating towards a Future marked by a Collapse of the existing Order, followed by unknown generations of Chaos, Tyranny, and Suffering. This could involve the death of a significant percentage of the human population and the devastation of the natural environment. The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse ride together for a reason, and are visible on the horizon.

However it is also the case that it is entirely possible, perhaps for the first time in human history, for Us, within a single generation, to transform our Way of Being as a human species, consummate a New Covenant, and co-create a Future and a Hope for All that is better than Any have enjoyed in the past.

Heaven and Hell in the Absolute sense are never fully realized, because no matter how bad things are, we can always find a way to make them worse. And no matter how good things are, we can always find a Way to make them better. From Where We Are, things can always get a lot Better, or a lot Worse, with the limits of Better and Worse approaching Heaven or Hell.

It is for this reason that The Vision of Heaven is a Vision of a place that is already "perfect", because we are working together to make it A Little Better Every Day.

It is also the reason why our Society and Living System are at the moment getting A Little Worse Every Day, creating a Default Trajectory towards Suffering that will continue to Worsen until we change the fundamental Pattern and Central Animating Spirit.

Let's Begin

So, let's begin. Having abandoned hope that the existing organizations, networks, and institutions will be able to self-organize and move rapidly enough, it is up to Us, the Individuals. Of our own Free Will, we can Commit to move together. Starting Now.

None of us can do it alone, and so we must become Us.

Coming Into Unity

Coming into Unity is a wonderful and mystery-laden process.

Because One Spirit is inspiring the Diverse Many of Us, amazing people all over the world are awakening and attempting to bring variations of the One Thing into being. The Golden Seed is present in all of them, with varying levels of Faithfulness, Understanding, Quality, and Consciousness.

The feminine principle chooses among all those on offer, which of them are Selected, and brought into Being, Cultivated, and Replicated for the Good of All.

I therefore offer Lionsberg and all that I am as one solution among many, and only desire for the unique solution I am offering to be selected and brought into being if it is most in service to the Highest Intention and Greatest Good for All.

Offering and Invitation

I therefore extend an offering and invitation:

Through great effort and expense, I have formulated Lionsberg to reflect, to the best of my individuated understanding and ability, the Logos, DNA and Structure of The Golden Seed.

The next step of Faith requires me to risk rejection and offer it, so that it can be selected or rejected from among the Many.

If selected by at least twelve within a short period of time, it has a reasonable chance of succeeding.

Will you join me for the adventure and opportunity of a lifetime?

The 10 Year Grand Strategy and Generational Plan

We have established a 10 Year Grand Strategy composed of the The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity as an invitational period, plus a 3 Year Lag to full Citizenship and Self-Governance in the New Era.

The 10 Year Grand Strategy is coupled to a 20 Year Generational Contingency to ensure that The Transformation is accomplished within a single generation. We are going to do everything in our Power to not use The Contingency and inaugurate the New Era January 1, 2034.

The Generational Strategy and Plan lays out the Way towards The Goal.

The Way towards The Goal is The Quest towards Unity through Love.

The Quest Towards Oneness Through Love is measured by a set of Milestones that mark the Way.

The Highest Order set of Milestones are the Lionsberg Cycles of Growth. These follow the Fibonacci sequence, and serve like growth rings on The Tree that is growing out of The Golden Seed.

March 1, 2024 marks the pivotal point where everything in The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning is put behind us, The Conditions are considered adequate, The Golden Seed is planted invitationally, and we begin to Cultivate, Measure, and Monitor the Lionsberg Cycles of Growth, and the Lionsberg Cycle Time. Together, these two simple metrics help us to understand at any given time whether we are on track with the 10 Year Grand Strategy.

The Unity That Makes Everything Else Possible

The Lionsberg Cycles of Growth mark the Progress along the Path Towards Oneness Through Love. They measure the growth of The Tree springing up from The Golden Seed.

As The Body grows and becomes more capable, everything else becomes Possible.

As The Body grows, we will begin tackling Quests in self-governing, self-sustaining, and self-replicating Groups / Teams of 3 to 16 individuals.

Each of those Teams will take on as much Responsibility as they are able to each Quarter, while stacking up and aligning Quests across the decentralized Team of Teams to ensure we are collectively making Critical Path Progress towards The Goal.

Over the course of the 10 Year Grand Strategy, those Quests are intended to grow dramatically in scope and complexity as The Body becomes more capable, including major Citizen Led Joint Ventures encompassing the The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg.

But before we can change the world, we need to heal and transform our Selves, Commit, come into Unity, and begin learning how to Co-Create.

Game Plan For March

As mentioned above, March is the pivotal month where The Seed formulated during The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning will be planted into the ground, and hopefully spring to life and begin self-sustaining and self-replicating.

In March, the game plan is for Jordan first, and then Us, to extend The Invitation so that the offering can be accepted or rejected, and see if it is possible to get through the first 5 Lionsberg Cycles of Growth that form the initial 12+1 Co-Creators.

Jordan is going to initiate the individual invitations on two polar fronts:

  1. Universally (to people around the world)
  2. Locally (to people in Sandpoint, Idaho)

The role of the Sandpoint Instantiation is to force the hard work of testing how to bring the Lionsberg System and Approach to bear locally / bioregionally, while Jordan is available to personally guide it through Inception phase as a Prototype.

The role of the universal invitation is to begin to forge from the outset the broadest voluntary association of Individuals of Goodwill, to support group formation and implementation by Individuals and Localities around the world.

Smart Goals For March

The Lionsberg System encourages Groups / Teams to engage in Quarterly Quests. These Quests should generally have no more than 3 primary goals, with other things that need to be done requested as Commitments from other Teams.

Goals should be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound.

Because we do not yet have a formal Team structure, Jordan is going to break the rules, select 5 Goals for March, and try to coalesce a small group to ensure they are achieved.

The individuals accepting The Invitation and helping accomplish The Goals for March will together, in Teams, then formulate Quarterly Quests for Q2 2024.

Goal 1: Invitation, Inception, and 3 to 5 Cycles of Growth (Complete)

  1. Plant The Golden Seed via The Invitation, and complete the first three to five Lionsberg Cycles of Growth.
    1. Bonus: Complete three to five cycles locally, AND three to five cycles universally, so two parallel starting points are growing.
    2. Cycle Structure
      1. Cycle 1: 2 Co-Creators
      2. Cycle 2: 3 Co-Creators
      3. Cycle 3: 5 Co-Creators
      4. Cycle 4: 8 Co-Creators (0.0000001%)
      5. Cycle 5: 13 Co-Creators
    3. This secures the first 12+1 fractal

Goal 2: Sandpoint Community Meeting #1 (Complete)

  1. Host the first Sandpoint Community Meeting
    1. Bonus - with at least 3 co-creators present

Goal 3: Lionsberg Co-Creator Handbook (Complete)

  1. Complete and distribute v0.1 of The Lionsberg Co-Creator Handbook
    1. Bonus - 2 or 3 co-creators provide feedback, incorporate, and publish v0.2

Goal 4: Publish a Book (Scheduled For First Week of April)

  1. Finish consolidating a summary of Jordan's writing on Lionsberg Wiki Books and Above The Chaos, and Publish a 20k to 30k word book (2 to 4 hour read) to paperbook, e-book, and global distribution. Can accompany The Invitation in future cycles to help Individuals get up to speed.
    1. Bonus - Get one local store in Sandpoint to agree to carry physical copies

Goal 5: Resource Runway

  1. Resource Runway: Secure the first donations from beyond Jordan, and the $30k / month runway required to sustain System Startup through Q2: $100,000.
    1. Bonus - building on the millions of dollars of value Jordan has previously invested and curated together, the team building a backbone Technology Platform for The Movement secured a $400,000 grant, which will advance construction of our shared infrastructure.

What This Makes Possible If We Succeed

If we can achieve these 5 goals over the coming 30 days:

  • We will be able to continue to Focus full time on serving and supporting The Movement
  • Lionsberg will Live
  • We will have the initial critical mass to carefully selected Individuals advance towards 50 to 100 Individuals engaged by the end of Q2
  • 50 to 100 carefully selected individuals engaged within 4 months:
    • will bring together the diversity of perspective, wisdom, insight, and skill required to refine the New Vision and Plan into a truly wise and comprehensive Vision, Strategy, and Plan
    • will provide enough critical mass to begin to embody the Pattern Language as self-governing, self-sustaining, and self-replicating Groups and Teams
  • We will have an intensely local testing ground in a small town of 10,000 Individuals
  • We will have an comprehensively universal platform for assembling the global Force For Good to meet this moment in history
  • We will have 3 months of resource runway to ensure we can support the Q2 Quarterly Quests
  • We will have a continuously improving technology platform to connect and empower us, being tested by hundreds of groups in dozens of countries (more on that later), as we learn to use it internally


With the future of Life and Society as we know it hanging in the balance and a Vision, Strategy, Platform, and Plan now in place to meet the needs and solve the challenges at hand, it is time to Commit.

I need your help, and we need One Another.

If you are in, visit my website and click Join The Movement. Our opening tithes are crucial to demonstrating public support for the non-profit, and the form will automatically connect your information into our baseline Communication System.

With Love, In Community,

~ Jordan