Above The Chaos, Next Steps and Invitation

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.03.01 (updated 2024.03.04)

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Beloved Community,

After years of dialogue and progress, and in the face of escalating local and global crises - wars, famine, plague, mass migration, environmental destruction, spreading chaos, looming tyranny, revealed corruption etc. - the ongoing failure of our existing systems, and the corresponding imperative for us to coalesce into some kind of Higher Order Functional Unity, becomes more self-evident and undeniable by the day.

It is time to act with a level of courage, conviction and commitment that corresponds to our Knowing that everything is at stake.

Despite previous challenges in galvanizing existing groups towards collective action, our efforts have not been in vain. Through thousands of conversations, we have woven a global tapestry of individuals aligned in vision, strategy, and purpose. Through years of hard work, we have forged the systems, infrastructure, platforms, and technology needed to advance.

Having learned the difficult lessons, our Path forward is clear:

It is up to us, as free Individuals, to choose of our own volition to unite, self-organize, and collaborate to overcome the existential challenges and threats we face.

I love and respect you. I believe in you. Time is short. I would like to invite You who resonate with Me to Join Me, and begin to become, out of Many, One Force For Good.

After years of preparation, this is the beginning of an audacious attempt to transform our networks into a United Force For Good.

The basic opening pattern of self-organization will be as follows:

  1. I, (and soon We), will do our best to speak, awaken, inspire, and invite.
  2. As Individuals resonate and respond, We will invite them to Join Us.
  3. Members will receive regular communications, and be invited to engage in a lifelong program of experiential learning, healing, growth, and development, that will help us learn how to see our selves, govern our selves, organize our selves, make decisions, solve problems and co-create. As One Body.
  4. The basic unit of organization will be self-governing, self-sustaining, and self-replicating Teams / Groups of 3 to 16, who will learn how to self-select meaningful shared goals and objectives, engage in short Quests to achieve them, communicate out to the Whole, and build resources and support to tackle their next challenge / goal. Quests will be synchronized via a Quarterly Cycle that stacks up and aligns our efforts, and made visible by a purpose-built platform.
  5. Each member will tithe / donate some predictable baseline amount of time and resources to sustain the Whole, while strategically connecting in new relationships at the right. Donations, volunteer hours, and relationships (VTRs) will be initially tracked and stewarded through the Lionsberg 501(c)(3) public charity.
  6. We will use 1/10th of the Flow of time and resources we co-create to continuously improve The Commons of resources, infrastructure, and technology that enable All Individuals, Teams, and Localities to coordinate, succeed and flourish, and co-operate the Core Enterprise in service of All. This Flow will also be initially stewarded through the Lionsberg 501(c)(3).
  7. The first audacious Milestone in sight is to connect, equip and empower 3% of the population by 2026, creating the decentralized Team of Teams that can localize, adapt, and deploy the interoperable and poly-centric solutions we co-create to meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals at hand.

If we can achieve this near term Milestone, we will be on track to "pull" the rest of the remaining population, a percent at a time as they are ready, through The Experience of healing, transforming, and realigning our Way of Being as a human species so that we void our present trajectory towards collapse / failure / suffering, and help one another co-create the best possible future for All.

This effort can only be achieved if we Unite in Spirit and partnership with One and All, with the Creator and All Creation. Forces beyond our wildest imagination stand ready to come to our Aid as we Move. The Intention is for All 8 to 10 billion human beings to be invited to Join Us by someone they know and trust over the next 7 years, so that no one is involuntarily excluded or left behind. Our experience is that it takes about 3 years of healing, collaborating and transforming until Individuals feel fully free, empowered, and self-governing. This 7+3 years sets up the 10 Year Grand Strategy to accomplish The Transformation. We will carefully measure and monitor Progress, and track a 20 Year Generational Contingency to ensure that one way or another, this transformation happens within my generation. We have secured in kind donations of the most sophisticated technology from our allies in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry to measure and monitor Critical Path progress, while developing our own backbone coordination platform.

As for me, I turn 40 this year, and am called and committed to seeing this through until age 70 if necessary, while ensuring we Pass The Flame to the rising generations. This Mission is Why I am Here on Earth.

Let's get moving. If you are ready, please sign up and make whatever opening contribution you can Here.

Today, I can still send this message and invitation to you. As NATO openly discusses sending troops to Ukraine, Russia promises nuclear war, Israel rages, governments censor and oppress, currencies falter, supply lines are attacked, and communication lines severed, it is not obvious that will still be the case some number of months or years from now. The next 24 months are especially crucial. I feel a deep, calm, urgency to get out of the gates relatively quickly and invite in a self-sustaining level of resources and relationships quickly, without sacrificing Quality, while making wise contingency plans for the disruptions we know are coming.

I and a set of allies are already 7 years into the Critical Path of the ~40 year generational project. During The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning, there was a lot to be done that couldn't readily be seen or understood, so I self-funded the creation and curation of a minimum viable stack of infrastructure, systems, and technology to connect and empower Us as a decentralized-yet-United global Force For Good, and secured it via the Lionsberg Provisional Structure. We will continue to resource and improve it week by week as as we move together and gather resources. I pray it serves you well.

In other good news, OFC, the group I funded to create the backbone technology for The Movement, recently received a follow-on grant of $400,000 to advance the work after testing the platform with hundreds of groups in dozens of countries.

As previously mentioned, each diverse Individual, Team, Locality, and Bioregion will need to remain self-sustaining, sovereign, and autonomous, even as we Help One Another and Progress towards Unity. Our focus must be to contribute to, protect and enrich The Commons for Future Generations, not deplete it. As for me, having exhausted my personal resources and "burnt the ships" to get Here, I now need to secure baseline runway of about $50k / month to maintain the minimum viable attention, conditions, infrastructure and administration. From there, membership tithes + 10% the resource we co-create doing Good in the world will self-sustain the Whole.

As an opening ante, I invested my own time the last 7 years and millions of dollars. I also sacrificed my net worth of $10M+, and curated together tens of millions of dollars of value and a global network of relationships. All I am and have created and sacrificed, I offer freely to you if it is of Value. It is presently stewarded by the Provisional Structure.

It will take some time to explain why, but it would take at least several years and tens of millions of dollars to recreate the starting point we presently have. Which means it can't be recreated, because during that time things are going to dramatically shift, and it would be too late.

I am Acting As If I believe, because I do, that the only Way I can truly love, care for, and protect my own family is by doing everything in my power, in partnership with God and the entire Force For Good, to secure and provision the Best Possible Future For All. No amount of money, and no height of walls, will be able to protect our families or localities if we allow Society or our Living System to Collapse.

And so, for the love of God and All Creation, I invite you to Join Me on this Quest.

It is growing very late, but even at this late hour, it is still possible for us to avoid failure and secure a Future and a Hope for All, that can be better than any has enjoyed in the past.

It is time for us to become Us. To Join, please sign up and make whatever opening contribution you can Here.

Those who respond will receive a a handbook and instructions to guide next steps as we set our feet on the Path, together, towards Destiny, and can expect to begin receiving communications in March.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Welcome to the adventure and opportunity of a lifetime.

If you have not already, you can Join Here

With Love, In Community,

~ J